Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Strips and Strings

We are really threatening to finish one charity quilt with our group!!! I recieved the quilt back from a generous member of the Heartstrings group. She quilted it and provided the batting. Thank you Becky! All I need to do now is bind it and we'll have our first finish! We are beginning to develop not only a stash but UFO's in our little charity group! It is very overwhelming. We only sew two days a month and have more ideas and fabrics than time. I will have an up to date picture when I finish the binding. This was the beginning of the quilt. It looks nothing like this now!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Having Fun Here

(photo from the Electric Quilt webpage)
I have been trying and trying to design an Americana Quilt. A dear friend has been cleaning......Just like chocolate and peanut butter the two went together and she gave me Electric Quilt 5!!!!!!!!!!! (something she isn't using. She also gave me EQ 3 &4.....any reason to install them????) I may never know enough to design the flag that is in my mind but boy is this fun! How many times have we wondered what this color will do or that size....viola'! Plug it in and see. I don't see myself becoming a designer or fancy schmancy, I like traditional pieced quilts. But to get the color and what block does what with another......well, whoohooo! This is fun! Thanks to CCCAT and I am so excited to not have to try to create another quilt in Excel!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Working on Strips and Strings

Earlier this year, in response to the Yahoo group Heartstrings, we began a charity quilting group we call Strips and Strings - A Heartstrings project. We have been working two days per month and have finished about 4 tops. We keep sewing and sewing and the silly strings just keep looking at us like "Na na we aren't going anywhere!" Next week is our next scheduled date and hopefully we will finish another top. The way we work the donating is that we work together to create the top. Then after the top is finished it is given to one of the members. She is then responsible for the backing, batting and quilting. It is working out just fine because the true expense comes in the batting and backing. Once each member finishes their quilt they can donate it where ever they wish. This way each memeber shares the costs and gets to donate where they see fit. (A few weeks ago we found a tremendous sale at Joanns. They were getting rid of a line of batting and selling the queen sized for $3. Needless to say my sewing room is stuffed with bags of batting.)

I have a picture of my latest project but unfortunately the camera lens fogged up and ruined the shot. I'll try to post it tomorrow. Thats all thats going on in my sewing room today. I'm in school mode. I'll be back to sewing soon.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I didn't mean to be gone for so long. I have not been sewing, or even thinking about it in weeks. My mindset always begins to change in August....getting ready for school to start. Not only am I beginning a new position and have all the planning and worry involved in it, I gave a three hour workshop for all of our teachers last week. Between the two I've had quite a bit of planning going on and not any quilting. I will check in from time to time for just a a bit longer and then I'll be back to my regular posting and reading. I haven't even been reading your posts so I'll have a ton of catching up to do. Today though is my last hurrah. I'm joining our bee for the last time before school starts....before I go to my classroom and start set up work. I'll visit with you all another day. Don't forget about me....Like Arnold..."I'll be back!"


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