Saturday, August 07, 2010

Storybook panels

I'm in love with all of the nursery rhyme, storybook fabrics they have been printing lately. I don't necesarrily buy the panel because you often have to cut them apart and reassemble. That drives me crazy. I do however love the companion fabrics. Because my school duties now include the library, they fit perfectly into my life. Today I bought (just as I said I don't buy them....LOL) the Brown Bear panel. I have the companion fabrics. I also have the Hungry Caterpillar companion fabrics but no panel. I have to get busy and get these made! School starts in two short weeks!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer 2010

Remember the kippot I made for Hudson? Well his Bar Mitzvah was the weekend that I left for Ohio. It was lovely, lovely, lovely. These are the pictures they took at his party. The first one is a photograph of my BFF and I. We were obviously being silly and sassy.

Ruthie and I at Hudson's Bar Mitzvah. June 2010

These are two of my former students. Hudson is on the left. The boy on the right had his Bar Mitzvah in January or February. He then promptly grew 3 feet taller!! LOL! Of the 5 boys in this class (I taught them for 2 years) these are the only two that haven't moved away. I was so pleased that they both agreed to have a picture taken with their ol' teacher.

Hudson, Ryan and I at Hudson's Bar Mitzvah. June 2010

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Quilt Show New Braunfels, Texas - 2

More pretty pictures from the quilt show. Not going to narrate each one....I think the colors are wonderful on a few of these. If only I'd sit down and sew.........






Monday, August 02, 2010

Quilt Show New Braunfels, Texas - 1

Just thought I'd share these pretty pictures. I am always in awe of the workmanship of others. I have no idea of any of the makers. I apologize but I forgot to write down the names.

Just like the idea of this!

Love the idea of this one. The possibilites make my head spin.

Love the colors

Could these two be any happier???


I would never have the patience for all this paper piecing!


This was so cute. There were embellishments all over it. Bugs, ect. Very, very cute.

the flower garden had bugs and things all over it.


Just pretties~


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Playing with my Friends....Again

July 2010

I am so lucky. My little friends here have a mom and dad that are completely willing to live with my wierdness! I was gone for 5 weeks, came back, called them and asked if the girls could come out and play with me! LOL! This time we went to the coolest fountains. You have to understand. We live on the gulf. Water abounds......but so does sand. Sandy toes, car seats and the new leather seats in my car.....well, they don't mix. I love these little girls....but not THAT much!! LOL!! This little fountain area fits the bill perfectly. The water is about 6" deep, the fountains go on and off....water sand in sight! (It's a shame. I won't post pictures of them playing in the fountain because there are too many crazies out there....)

July 2010

Here they are just enjoying themselves.

July 2010

After the fountains we went to McDonalds for lunch. It was nearly 100 degrees out that day so an indoor playground was perfect. More fun ensued!

July 2010 At McDonalds

July 2010 At McDonalds

July 2010 At McDonalds

July 2010 At McDonalds

July 2010 At McDonalds

Ice Cream! Yummmm....

July 2010 At McDonalds

I learned from our last outing just how to get Ms. Monkey in the car, in the car seat and not go nuts!! I carried her, no shoes on her feet, out to the car and gave her no choice. I put her in the car seat this time! Worked like a charm! It's funny the things you forget when you don't have little ones around for a while! LOL!


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