Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall...YIKES

Working on a million things here...none on a wall though!
Not a lot of time for explainations but here are pics

I am making a sign for school....more on this later as I made a HUGE mistake!!!

Our guild is having a block exchange. I've had months to work on these and naturally I am doing it at the last minute.....they will eventually be butterflys.

See this hoop stylishly being modeled on my knee. I scoured the city for this style so I could continue my work on this

My UFO for July. I have been working on this for years now. I am making real progress and it is so exciting.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Green Bottle Caps II

The question was asked, WHY do I need green bottle caps? I have a mission at school this year to do as much as I can with recycled objects. Sooo, when Passover rolls around, all of the children will make frogs like this or like this. Just like Andy Rooney, "Now you know the rest of the story!"

Green Bottle Caps

I love my volunteer job! However, I have been struggling with it because I feel... well... less than necessary. I know they appreciate what I do, but they don't always have anything FOR me to do. They are a) nearly all men b) not accustomed to volunteers and c) nearly all men! The "being men" part leads to the blank eyed stare when faced with someone wanting to "help." (Think toy assembly, getting lost, etc. LOL!)

There is one man (CV)that realizes that there is potential in having a volunteer and more and more often he has things for me to do. A few weeks ago he was out of the office and actually "called in" a job for me.

Last week, I walked into his office. I spotted a case of water in the corner of the office. I embarrassingly blurted out to him, "YOU HAVE GREEN WATER BOTTLE CAPS! Please save those for me!" I silently cursed the lack of hard wiring from my brain to my mouth! CV certainly has more important things to think about then saving those silly green bottle caps! I hoped and hoped that he wouldn't remember.

This week when I said hello, CV jumped up and said, "There you are! I've been waiting for you. I have this, and this for you to do and Oh, on the shelf." I looked on the shelf, expecting to see a pile of papers, and found 10 green bottle caps! When I thanked him, his simple response was "We help each other."

It's the silly things that validate a person. They make one feel needed, necessary and important. Like many others, I don't require compliments, pats on the back or flowery words of praise. For me, the silly little, off-handed, often un-thought-of things that people do, like remembering to save a silly lid, affect me far greater.

These ridiculous green bottle caps made me realize that I am indeed a making a difference in this volunteer position. As crazy as it sounds, those green caps made me feel like I belong because I was remembered on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, not just Wednesday (the day I volunteer).

Once again, it's my theory, You never know when you will touch someone else's life. I wrote about it here. It also reminds me to be kind and thoughtful to others. I may touch someones life and I certainly want it to be in a positive manner.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bobbins Question

Can anyone tell me what difference is in "factory" bobbins and generic bobbins? I took my machine to be cleaned & checked. The tension was funky...every now and again. I was unable to take or pick up the machine as the shop is 4 hours away. DD delivered and picked it up. They told her that not using "factory" bobbin (yes, they used air quotes) can cause issues. HONESTLY? I've never used anything but generic bobbins,and not had problems.

I can understand that you may get a "bad" bobbin, or one that has become warped but....come on! Someone MAKES all of these bobbins, right! Do we really believe that there is a bobbin manufactorer for Janome, and a seperate one for the genenric bobbins?

So this begs the question,was the "use factory bobbins" statement real or meant to sell product? Do you really, really need to use factory bobbins?

Monday, July 04, 2011

Minkee Monday

I swear this cat must be reverting back to a kitten. She has been "discovering" all sorts of new places to sit. This one kills me cause I can't figure out how she got in that space!




Friday, July 01, 2011

UFO Challenge-a finish

Done. Done. Done.I'm officially caught up and this finish counted for June!!!! Yippee!!!
This is a recycled photo from when it wasn't finished however it IS done now!!!


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