Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stash Report

Welllll......It seems I haven't sewn a stitch in months.....does that STOP me from BUYING FABRIC?????UHM>>>NO!!!! I bought fabric to try to rekindle the flame of wanting to hasn't worked so far but I sure do have some nice fabrics to show for my efforts! LOL!

THey have finally updated our Joanns. You know how about 5 years ago the Joanns around the country converted to Joanns ETC? Not us here. We live at the ends of the earth. Well, during my hiatus from Joanns/sewing...they completely rearranged and updated the place. Nice! We are actually going to have classes (although they are nearly always during the day???? sooo annoying).

I will need to begin sewing again soon as my youngest daughter has become engaged and wants a chuppah like her sisters! I need to become that I can create something for her that she loves. Rght now that is a big task but I will get there.

Fabric added this week 10
Fabric used this week 0
Total added YTD 62.25
Total used YTD 18.25
Total 44 yds


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