Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ms. A's quilt

The name of this quilt is...."I used to be a pillow."

It all started a few years ago..........I had been reading about using scraps and telephone book paper to make blocks. Intriguing idea! I made one block. Ooooooooooooo fun! I made another and as the late painter Bob Ross would say, "It got to feeling good." A few more blocks and I thought, hmmm, "I have these brand new very big pillow forms...I could make a pillow. In walks one or the other daughter and they say, "Hey is that a quilt for me?" Big sigh! A few years and a few hundred blocks later....viola' ! A quilt!

In the course of quilting this monster, (It was shaped something like a trapazoid when we began it........My wizard Ms. CCCat managed to pin it to death and it finished with only a 1/4" variance from top to bottom!), we became slaphappy. We were not sure what to do once we finished the top border.

We knew what I was going to quilt into the body but were looking for some pizzazz!

Ms. CCCat, who by her name loves cats, suggested we quilt cats into it. I was totally against it as Ms. A hates cats! I think my exact words were, "Ms. A hates cats..... HEY, Ms. A HATES cats! Let's do it!!!" I'm such a good mom! So., as a joke, we quilted one cat into the top.

Like Lay's potato chips, that wasn't enough so we quilted cats with each pass of the longarm. It became a game to hide them in the freemotion quilting!!!!

Suddenly, Ms. CCCAt came up with the idea that we needed mice for the cats to chase! Soon we were quilting a mouse AND a cat. Before you knew it, we had the idea to put mice in the entire border!

All and all it came out cute! Ms. A has a great sense of humor and cracked up when she saw the quilting, and we had a great time goofing around with the longarm.
The photos are not the greatest but it really came out cute. I also made her matching pillowcases....no cats!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Minkee Monday

I know, it's all or nothing with me. No posts for a month, then 2 in one day....go figure!

Ms. Minkee discovered that I wear dangle earrings! I was sitting on the floor and she jumped on the rocker. She was having a blast just batting at them!

Mrs. S's Birthday

Mrs. S made me very old last week....she turned 25! I don't know how that can be as I am still 25!!!!! Here were her presents....

I don't know how many of these birthday banners I've made but the book was an investment well made.

I bought the pattern for this candle mat at Quilt festival in Houston and actually made it in two days! While I was on spring break I bought a Bedazzler and bedazzled it! It was so much faster than tying on seed beads!!!! Plus it was too much fun! I would have liked to use some jazzier wool felt but these were the colors I had.

The cupcake pattern came from this blog. Mty version came out kinda wierd because I used wool felt for both the outside and liner of the cupcake holder. It is good enough but I'll try it again when I'm in less of a hurry and I'm sure it will look better.
I also made her puppy pillowcases but as ususal, forgot to photograph them!

All in all a mostly homemade birthday. Whew! It's so much easier to buy gifts!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Gift

Better late than never......on posting that is! Here are the March gifts I gave my girls. I do believe I used up the bulk of the bagel fabric. It is so rewarding to use something, maybe not to extinction, but enough that it is truly a scrap!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kreative Quilting Award

I'm soooooo slow! I'm not unappreciative.......just slow!!! On March 14th, Esteemarlu sent me this award.Thank you so much Esteemarlu! It makes me happy to know that even with my haphazard blogging right now, you are still out there!!!!!!
I actually have finished projects to post!!! WhoooooHOOOOOO!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Another luggage tag friend!

It has taken me an eternity to finally post this but it is from Pam. I don't think she has a blog but here is a picture of her fancywork!!! It is so exciting to know that others are enjoying these luggage tags as much as I!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I've been reading....

Well, I say reading but use the term loosely as my eyes don't do all that much in the process. I tend to listen to all of my books. I've finally figured out how to load a CD onto my computer and get it into the ipod into AudioBooks. A big WHOOHOOO here as having it in the regular music is just plain annoying! Our library has finally started providing downloadable books. There aren't too many available yet but we are getting there. I decided to keep track of what I read and what better forum then my, currently sometimes, blog. (I am hoping the blogging bug will hit hard again soon and I will be a more regular contributor!!!! I miss it and yet don't miss the time it takes!!)

This is a great book!!!!!! It led me to.................

....this book. It was fantastic! If you love Little Women, you must read this. It is about Mr. March, the Little Women's dad. It is a wonderful story!!!!

This is definately a Young Adult read but there is something addictive about it and I am now beginning the second book in the series. We went to the dollar movies to see the movie and my opinion stands....never see a movie after reading a book. It was blah!

Another one that has a movie....No, I've not seen it. I actually read this book..... With my eyes!!!!!

Gotta love "reading" on an ipod. I read and sew or clean or drive. If I just sit still and listen, I tend to read and sleep!!! Not too condusive to remembering the plot of a story! Plus,when I read with my eyes, I tend to do so before sleep. I have a hard time holding a book while lying in bed. I know it's weird, I can sew with my hands but holding a book while laying down is hard on my hands. Let's not even go to how hard it is to read lying down while wearing bifocals!


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