Sunday, December 31, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR and other stuff

Happy New Year all! Here is to a happy, healthy and non stressed 2007. Our plans here are very simple. I'm making some wings and cocktail meatballs and Mrs. S and hubby are coming to play Taboo and Pictionary. We are hopelessly geeky would rather play games with our kids, then go out to dinner with our other friends. Tomorrow is one of our all time favorite meals...sauerkraut, beef ribs and hot dogs, simmering all day in the crock pot and served with mashed potatos. None of that black-eyed pea stuff they do here in the south for us.

I received another message from Richard Michell. Although I feel a bit odd doing it, I am just going to cut and paste it in it's entirety.

I had never dealt with a Blog before and I tried to comment on your blog. It did not work. Will you consider posting the following comment for me?First, please let people know that the nice response from you and fromothers was very unexpected and is much appreciated. We do try to putcustomer service first in every way.Second, I would like to make a small sales pitch. If your blogger friends haven't tried products designed by Marti then they can't imagine how muchthey may be missing. Most quilters that use Marti's products love them andwant Marti's tools for all of their applicable projects. We only sell to theQuilt Shops were you can normally get good advise about our products. The"Perfect Patchwork Templates" have special corners that guide the patchworkfabrics into PERFECT alignment prior to sewing. (How vital to good resultsis that?) Experts and novices alike do patchwork more accurately and quickerusing her templates. As you know there are special rulers she has done, etc.The response on the Blog is interesting and I will take this opportunity to provide to the readers of the blog a less expensive way to get started with Marti's products. Our template Set Q is designed to be an introduction set.It is a 2.5" square, the square's half triangle and the square's quartertriangle, quarter inch seam allowance included. This set has extended instructions. Of course it has the special corners. For the next thirty days anybody reading the blog can order Set Q at half price, $6.00, normally$12.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the USA. Call me at800-558-3568 to place an order.

Nice offer. In the last e-mail I recieved he told me that all of their postage is $5.00 regardless of what you order.

I'm off to get ready for our hoppin' evening! Be safe.

The picture is from this website. They say the graphics are free but just in case I misunderstood, I decided to post the webpage as referrence

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Too Funny

This has definitely been my week for great customer service! First my machine and now this. In my last post I wrote about looking for the Marti Michell log cabin ruler, which by the way I did buy. Today I received an e-mail from Richard Michell, Marti's husband, stating that if I would let him know where I lived that he would try to find a local dealer for me to purchase the ruler. If that didn't work, he would send me a catalog. Just let him know. I was completely, utterly perplexed. Yes, I visited the MM site a number of times this weekend but had no idea whether I sent an inquiry to them or not. Well, I was reasonably sure I hadn't but if not then how did they find out that I, little old individual me, was looking for this ruler? Could they have known that I'd visited a number of online sites looking for the ruler? Could they have read my blog??? NO WAY! But that was the only logical explanation. But read my blog? Why would Marti or Richard Michell be reading my blog. How would they find the time or even care??!!.... So, I wrote back to Richard and asked him. It seems he did read my blog....well at least the part with Marti's name in it. He conducts searches daily on Google using various words associated with quilting. My blog came up. He's probably going to read this too! LOL! He also gave me the info on the Log Cabin ABC book I was looking at ;the cost, postage etc. Very nice. Now I know that MM and hubby are in business. But, unlike another quilt shop owner I know, instead of telling me that "this is a business and I need to make a living," (DUH!) I was given customer service which makes me want to purchase Not only customer service but unsolicited customer service! Wow!

Makes me shake my head in utter disbelief.....two gentlemen in one week! I feel like I've been kicked back a decade or two....and I like it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ongoing Saga

My Janome dealer is the best. I have been waiting since the week of Thanksgiving for my Janome 6600 to be fixed. Janome told them to replace a part and it didn't work. They then suggested they replace the entire circuit board. We were waiting for it to arrive. On Tues. I sent an e-mail to the owner to see if he could hurry Janome up and lo and behold the part arrived that day. I left them alone until today. I just couldn't stand it anymore. The repairman told me that the circuit board didn't work so the machine was boxed up and being sent to Janome to fix. AHHHH!!! I am going on retreat the second week in Jan. and the shop is 250 miles away. I need it to be ready for me no later than the 5th of Jan since I start back at work on the 9th! I told the repairman that I was going on retreat and could he please ask Janome to hurry. I never yelled, raised my voice or complained. I just told him I was getting frustrated. About 15 mins. later the phone rang and it was the manager. He told me that he is getting a new machine in this week and is going to trade my machine for it. He will then be the one to deal with Janome and the "never heard of " problem with my machine. I really think that is nice old fashioned business. Instead of leaving me to sweat it out he is taking the burden of waiting and reimbursement on himeself. I know, that is the way a business is SUPPOSED to run but it doesn't always happen that way. I guess the word I am looking for is customer almost unheard of commodity in this day. I am so happy that I don't have to worry about retreat. I refuse to start my log cabin quilt on anything but the Janome. I sew a much better seam on it. (as a matter of fact, I had buyers remorse when I first bought my machine. I couldnt' understand why I HAD to buy a new machine. I mean I agonized over it for a year and just HAD to have a new machine. I now know why. This 6600 is fabulous machine. I have been sewing on my old Kenmore...
which when I bought it was an upline machine. I am having trouble with the fabric pulling to the left and wiggling under the presser foot. I finally understand that it wasn't me not understanding how to sew a straight seam but the machine.) So, sometime between now and the 5th of Jan. I will receive a phone call to go and pick up another machine. I can't wait!

Log cabin update. I am trying to find someone locally that sells the Marti Michell log cabin ruler and book. I love the concept of the ruler. I also found the Shar Jorgensen templates at Joanns and Hobby Lobby. If I use templates then I will be obligated to buy a rotating rotary mat. I am trying to figure out if I NEED either. I know the answer to that is no but I also know me. I don't want to use the June Tailor Shape cut because as much as I love it, I really think that every strip is just an ooch off. I also think that it wobbles just a smidge but enough to notice after you sew. I suppose that all this agonizing and worrying and planning is just part of the fun of this hobby but enough already! LOL!

Friday, December 22, 2006

OY! This is driving me crazy!

I CANNOT decide on what setting to put my log cabin into! I really want to know what I am doing before I begin to cut and assemble. is the latest version created in my stinky excel program. I am always drawn to the sunshine and shadows setting. But after looking at nearly every log cabin in webshots, I've decided that it can sometimes fall flat. Mostly the ones that have no vibrancy are those that are two toned, no scrappy. I love, love, love, the quilt that Mary showed on Dec. 16. LOVE! I am trying to figure out how to do this quilt with brown and pink and cream...will I lose the pattern if the pinks and browns are not the same value? should I add a 4th color and if so what? I think I just need to start making log cabin quilts and do nothing else for the rest of my life so I can get in all the beautiful variations.
So I just realized that this is a barn raising setting....Aren't these terms interchangable???Sunshine and Shadows and Barn raising??

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two Bags of trash and an unused sewing machine!

I posted this once but blogger rejected it! It was witty and fun....I forget what I wrote....

In order for me to actually get into my room to insert the elastic on the pajama pants, get my nickel quilt going again or get ready for the log cabin I am about to begin, I must first CLEAN MY ROOM. When I described the mess my room was in, my Grandma promptly told me to "get busy young lady!" I cleaned for a bit, called her back and described what all I found amongst my disaster. Here is what all I unearthed and removed from my room. Duct tape, a thermometer,allergy medicine, Vicks type mentho medicine, phone book, an empty water bottle, an empty water glass, an empty box from a griddle we bought, two cordless phones, two bags of trash and an used sewing machine. The last two I sang like the end of the song 12 days of Christmas. This time she giggled. It's always a good thing to make your 91 yo grandma giggle.
Mrs. S. has now inherited my White Quilters machine. 1) she needed it, 2) I never used it 3) I now have an empty spot where I can put other stuff. YEAH!
Can you say YUM! This is mmm, mmm, good latkas frying in the pan. Yes, they are artery clogging, fat inducing, greasy, bits of potato, onion and matzo meal but is there any better smell in the world? Unfortunately, the smell lingers for days and days and ceases to be delightful or welcome. We grew up dipping our latkas in sugar. We finally figured out that this tradition must come from a specific area in Europe. Not sure of the exact area but it is the only explanation why so few have adopted the tradition. I have met only a few others that do this and their ancestors are from the same general area as mine. Most dip them in sour cream. We have learned that if you are sneaky, you can put the sour cream and sugar close to one another on your plate and serendipitously get a bit of sour cream and a bit of sugar in every bite.
Could anything be funnier than frying the latkas in shorts and a hawaiian shirt? Not terribly Decemberish but I suppose since the temps were around 80 it was appropriate. I do miss cold temperatures. It just isn't' the same sweating while you make your Thanksgiving turkey and Hanukkah latkas! DH would DIE if he knew this was online!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Life in blogland

I've been thinking about Nancy's post. Do we post only because we have quilty things to say? As our posts progress and bits and pieces of our lives leak into our writing, we become friends. No, not the friends that show up at your doorstep or the ones we discuss our deepest, darkest thoughts, but friends of a different sort. Well, for lack of a better term, plain ol' cyberfriends. We share our ups and downs, our accomplishments and downfalls, our lives magic moments, life cycle events and moments of tragedy. That applies to quilting and non quilting issues. No, not with the depth of an "in person' friend, but as with all things in this ever changing world of the internet, just friends of a different sort.

What keeps us going back again and again to one blog? Is it concern? voyeurism? great writing skills? Is it the quilty content only? Why do we keep up with this ones surgery or that one grandchild? I know that when Nancy didn't blog for a while, I became concerned that everything was ok (thanks for putting up with me using you as an example). For me I think it is a combination of all of the above. I like to be able to say "Hey, didn't do much today but had this thought, bought this quilt mag., got PU'd at the quilt board, ect. It also doesn't bother me when others do the same. Mundane day to day life is a good life. Nothing exciting is sometimes a good thing. It not only means that the rotten things aren't happening but makes the exciting things worthwhile. I for one like to "hear" about the normalcy. So for my money, keep blogging about the ordinary. This cyberfriend is always interested.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

sniff, sniff, ugh!

I have a cold! I suppose it comes from wiping noses and being sneezed on but, UGH! Some years my kids don't get to me but this year I have caught everything they've brought to school with them. I HAD to bake Hanukkah cookies today and HAD to go buy one gift. I HAD to finish the insides of the purses today. I skipped going to my buds Hanukkah party because, UGH! Luckily it's not moving to my chest but my nose has sent in a request for it's own zip code. On the plus side, I have at least fused appliques to Hanukkah table runners that were supposed to be ready yesterday but may make it next year. I also worked on my Nickel quilt. I'm off to find the decongestant and hit the sack because tomorrow I MUST make latkas! That is a job that requires energy!

Friday, December 15, 2006


I finished the last purse yesterday so held off on posting the pictures. I am very pleased with the way they all turned out. Hopefully the girls will like them as well.

Ms. A is graduating in the spring with a degree in Deaf Interrpreting. I found the fingerspelling fabric and couldn't pass it up. The blue batik is a Hanukkah fabric. I used the back and the pattern sorta shadows. Oh well, that is the under the arm part.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pictures tomorrow????

Or whenever I find the digital camera. It's the one the school lets me use. I keep it year round, use it to take a gazillion photos of my school kids, maintain a web page of only their pictures, while I have it use it for my personal use and, oh yeah and its the one that I CANNOT FIND! AHHH! It's not mine!!! I'm sure it's just somewhere at school but until I get back to tomorrow I won't know. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fear of not finding the $200.00 camera has been killing me so I just jumped up and looked in an obscure place. Voila'! I don't have to be fearful of going to school tomorrow.

That means that tomorrow I will be able to share pictures of the purses I have made for Mrs. S and Ms. A. They are simple but cute. I think I'm in love with making purses right now.

My machine is STILL in pieces on the workman's bench. They are waiting for a new circuit board. It should run faster and jump higher when I get it back. I sure hope it is soon as I really miss that machine. My Kenmore serves it's purpose but I miss the bells and whistles.

I am going on a retreat in January and received my secret sister's name. No I'm not a glutton for punishment. This exchange actually works the way it's supposed to. We go to the Red Barn Retreat. They were actually featured last year in Southern living. It is pure bliss. The owners serve wonderful food and we quilt the entire time. We have a secret sister exchange at every meal. We have clues of what to give like, "Give something you received for free." They are not large items that we exchange and it is loads of fun. My SS this year is SO, SO easy. They could have removed her name from my "likes and dislikes list" and added mine and no one would have been the wiser. It is going to be so much fun to assemble her gifts because they will just be things that I would like!

Look ma! NO Kvetching!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm thinking again....#2

Questions, questions.....How do people in blogland answer questions?? Post again? Put it into the comments? Change the color of the font and put it into the original post? It isn't always feasible to reply to an e-mail as blogger sends the comments as a non-returnable e-mail. Soooo, I've decided to just post the answers here.

I would like my quilt to end up king sized. The one on my bed right now is 108X108 so 112X112 isn't really too much bigger. I could tuck the pillows and use it like a bedspread, something I haven't owned in many, many years. Plus, 90X90 just isn't big enough to cover both DH and myself. He's a blanket hog even if he doesn't admit it! (he also denies snoring....).

On the secret sister front....yup I knew exactly how rude my last years sister was. It didn't bother me as much as I felt sorry for her being so obnoxious. This year my SS is a dear lady but I just don't think she was expecting what she got. It's ok. She is gracious and kind and said thank you. That is all that counts. Last years lady just stomped off in a huff! LOL! Her problem, not mine! I was just amazed at the generosity of these women. They definitely made good use of their 50% off coupons!

If it hasn't been realized yet....I like to kvetch....uhm, complain, whine....kvetch! I do believe it is my middle name. However because I kvetch it doesn't mean I don't see the generosity and goodness of those around me. I fear for my poor children as I will more than likely be a miserable old lady! Ha! Maybe it will make up for the teen years!

Enough of the motor mouth. You can always tell when DH is out, I "talk" even more then usual!

I'm thinking again

I have been playing around with my crude rendition of EQ...namely, Microsoft Excel! LOL! I really prefer this version of the log cabin I want to make. If I do this though I have to make the blocks with 3 rounds to finish at 7" and it will end up being 112X112! YIKES! I like the multiple stars on mine but also like the fact that the version Kim did is much smaller...less work. But with Kims version (just scroll down to see it in the link), I will need to add borders and I HATE borders. (I have a finished top waiting for borders for the last 2 years) But, with my version, I'll be working on this until I am old and gray....well, older and grayer. Pro, con, pro, con.Anymore pros...cons...

Secret sister gifts....I am never doing this again. No matter how hard I try I never give the right thing. Our group has a minimum of $10.00 gift. I really like rules. Maximums not minimums. With a minimum gift I don't really know what to spend. (hey I'm even like this with DH cause he loves to outdo me) Someone may spend $10 on a gift and another person may spend $30 or $50! Well last year I stuck to the MAX of $10.00 (which were the rules then) and my secret sister was so TICKED OFF that she left! Yes, yes, it was ungracious of her even though I bought exactly what was on her list but others gave their SS yards and yards of fabric, books ect. This year I decided to go to $15.00. I really think these gifts are tokens not all out whoopdee doopdee gifts. After all we are buy for acquaintances not family. I bought my SS the Fiskers scissor sharpener (which I love) some Coats and Clark triobal thread (she asked for gold mat thread. didn't understand it so bought this because I just used it and loved it) put it into a lovely carved wooden box I bought last year and included 1/2 yd. of batik. Her face fell when she saw the scissor sharpener. I was so disappointed because I thought it was great. All I could think was OH NO I DID IT AGAIN! AAAHHHHH!!! What did my SS get me? (not the same lady) 3.25 yds. of quilters cotton fabric from Joanns, a yard or so of another fabric, made me an angel (really neat from wrapping paper and hair extensions) and a stocking. What did the girl next to me receive? Two full sized books and about 4 plastic sleeved patterns plus two rulers. OMG! Why didn't I learn my lesson last year! LOL! Never, ever, ever again! I will not subject others to my poor gift buying skills, I will not subject others to my poor gift buying skills, I will not subject others to my poor gift buying skills......

Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't know how...

....I messed up but I did. I knew there was another Calico Cat but honestly (no offense) this is not the blog I read or was refering to....I was referring to Amy at thecalico cat. No idea how I linked to the wrong one but sorry to Calico Cat! Sheesh! This can be confusing! : )

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Questions answered

It seems that when I receive an e-mail on comments, I am unable to reply as blogger sends it a return address of something non-mailable. In other words, I can't send a reply back my mail is returned as non deliverable. It drives me crazy. So........I need to answer questions here.

Why didn't we turn on the heat. A number of reasons with the best one being .....we are too cheap! If we can keep our electric costs down in the winter, our summer "equal payment plan" will be greatly reduced. Alsothere are generally one or two chilly/cold days. If it were actually cold more then a day or two I wouldn't freeze my tushie, I'd turn on the heat. By tomorrow the temps will be back up in the 70's. Plus, ever since we moved to Texas we can hardly stand the heat on. The air gets so stuffy. You can get whiplash from the heat, no air condition, no heat during this time of year. If it seems more logical, we also sweat in the summer! LOL! We are equal opportunity on the furnace!

What post was I agonizing over from Calico Cats' blog. It was the one about what makes a quilt Jewish or Irish or Amish.....I was only linking in case someone wanted to know who Calico Cat was. Have no clue why a 2002 post came up. Sorry bout that. Also probably shouldn't have linked.

I have to laugh! My little red headed girl weather center has a Christmas Tree! She didn't have one yesterday. I don't suppose tomorrow she will pop up with a menorah..........................

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Little red head girl

About the little weather girl I added.....she could be my daughter as my girls both have red hair. Come to think of it so did DH before he lost both the color and the hair!

Today is brrrrr....for us. Yes I know, in the grand scheme of things our temps are not cold in comparision but when you are used to 90's, 50's are cold. It is currently 65 degrees in the house and I refuse to turn on the heat. I am washing and drying clothes, making stew/soup...anything to warm it up and keep warm but not turn on the heat. Poor DH is cold....poor baby! He'll just need to get up and move if he wants to warm up. I'm so mean!

If I ever get this soup mess cleaned up I am going to go and finish some gifts for the girls. I bought some fatigues bottoms and jackets at our JCC rummage sale and am going to make a bag and a skirt from them. They will be cute....well if you are much younger than I. I wouldn't dream of wearing fatitgues but the girls, as their boys, are thrilled that I bought them all jackets. I had to go tell the original owner that they will be seeing my kids running around town with fatigues that have their name on them. Actually Mrs. S wanted the jacket that had the original owners name on it. Funny, funny.

I haven't thought about or posted my "what am I grateful fors" as I've been busy eating worms. I decided I'd better figure out the gratefuls before the poor birds have nothing left to eat! LOL!

What am I grateful for today.....
1. Having the ingredients to make a nice warm soup/stew
2. Having the option to turn the heat on or leave it off.......many people here don't have
furnaces or plain can't afford to run the furnace or space heater.
3. Other peoples treasure
4. A warm, cozy bed....I slept almost 12 hours last night....whew I was tired!
5. People that understand me when others have no clue.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Nothing to Blog about

I was so ready to comment on a post by The Calico Cat but as I wrote it, I became upset so I hit delete. I had a tiff with my quilt board my feelings for the topic of the argument and the comment on the post began to run together. So... delete button it was. I'm now working hard to believe that I can rise above the hurt feelings and go on. Now I have nothing to say except I miss my Janome.............and I might need to go in the backyard and eat worms. I'm feeling unloved, unneeded and unimportant..... in my quilting life that is, not my home life.

I cannot believe it! Last week it was air conditioning and tonight.....SLEET! Mother nature sure has a sense of humor!

Here is an oldie but goodie photo. It is a wallhanging that I made for my grandma for her 90th birthday. The print was fabric from a challenge.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The banner

Sweet Pea made a super bowl banner so I went to have a looksee at the site. I couldn't resist this new banner. It's silly but here it is....let's see what happens once it counts down? I wonder if the codes go away??? If not will I need to delete...Oh sheesh, I just cant' think of that. Its too annoying. I have no recollection of where I inserted it....................

I checked on my machine and it STILL isn't done. They said that they have never had a Janome 6600 in for repairs! It seems my tension thing-a-ma -bob was malfunctioning (duh!) and Janome recommended replacing it. THey did and it didn't solve the problem so they are replacing all the electronics now. I miss my baby! Hopefully it will be done soon. Unfortunately it won't be soon enough!

Here is a picture of a chair? stool? ladder? I bought from a rummage sale. I have no idea if it is an antique or some dime store repo but I like it. The shelves slide out and you can change their location.

In case anyone in the world cares, I was the big winner at Mah Jong tonight. Where else can you have so much fun and be the big winner at $1.60!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lotsa stuff

Well after a long wait, we finally have seen pictures of Mrs. S's wedding. Some of the photos are good and some not so good. For instance...the top of DH's head is cut off in the only photo of us walking Mrs. S down the aisle....It is frustrating when you depend on someone else.....We had NO and I mean NO cameras. We were all in la la land on that account so the photographers rendition will have to do. Never mind...The photos do show the absolute look of love in their eyes.....

Thanks a million times to kim @ peachquilting for her multiple renditions of a pink and brown log cabin. I think I will do mine with a dark pink in the center and lighter pinks on the outside. Another question.....what are the opinions on using one tone of pinks say like civil war pinks or muted tones like thimbleberries and brights all in one quilt. I think it will look nicer to use only one tone or the other. Problem is I may not have enough of one or the other.
But I don't want to put this much work into a king sized quilt and wish I had done something else. I'm leaning toward the muted tones as I really don't think DH would like a bright pink and brown quilt on the bed. I don't think he would notice the muted tones.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Log Cabin

As I've mentioned, a friend and I will be making pink and brown log cabin quilts. We have been saving for a while now. I have never made a log cabin and have been looking for the perfect setting . I came across this on webshots . I LOVE it. The poster was kind enough to show her draft and I copied it and recopied it. It wasn't that easy because I had to start in Excel and then move it to Word, to print screen and put it into Print Shop. The stupid print shop won't recognize something copied from Word . (which btw does anyone like Printshop 20??? I finally broke down and bought it and EEEEWWOOOWWW! I hate it. I've been using PS for years and this version just plain stinks. I'm looking for a different program but don't know which to buy.)

(This was a true test in my computerability! I am so thrilled that I figured out how to post this photo! Had to put it into paint yada yada....noone really cares, I'm just happy)

The picture of this quilt isn't perfect, but it is enough for me to be able to make the quilt. I now just need to figure out how many blocks. I do have a question.....This is drafted for 3 rounds with 1.5"strips making a 7"block. Will it look that much different if I do 4 rounds? That way I will end up with a 9" block. I want to make this a king and at 7" blocks I'll be finished sometime in 2020!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanks for all the responses concerning code. I now have quite a few sources to help me understand a bit about blogs, computer language and such. It seems that e-blogger help isn't written for me. I feel like I'm reading jibberish. I think my learning curve is more like a learning hairpin turn! There are a few other sites that seem easier for me to understand.

The bear quilt in the previous post isnt' a bear at all! He is supposed to be a dog and even I am calling him a bear. It is the Simplicity pattern 4993. I actually made two of them. I noticed that they now have a similar pattern with ladybug but I'm not sure which book I saw it in and can't find it online.


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