Thursday, October 18, 2007

My toe and Dr. WhoGivesAWhoot

So my toe isn't broken. No thanks to my dear doctor, I found out yesterday. Yes, you read that correctly, yesterday. Nearly one week after having the x-ray. URGH! I've had no less then 4 primary physicians since moving here. I am at my wits end with this. I NEED a regular doctor because I visit many "ologists." You know rhuematologist, endocrinologist ect. So, here is my story. ....

I called Dr. Whogivesawhoot last Thursday at 8:31 a.m. and asked the receptionist if the Dr. needed to see me or would call in an x-ray. Since my phone remained silent all morning, at 11:50 I called back for an answer. I was told "He's been with patients all morning so I don't know." Hmmmm, I worked for a doctor for many years. How long does it take to ask the question??? However she told me to go to the radiologists after lunch and they would fax the orders. I arrived at the radiologists at 1:05, having waited the requisite hour. After one more hour of sitting, the radioloogy receptionist apologized for the wait but they hadn't recieved the orders yet. She seemed as confused as I about the delay. I finished with my x-ray at 2:30 and was told the Dr. would have the results at the end of the day. When I didn't receive a call, I just figured they didn't get the results in time. Friday, at 4:30 in the afternoon, I called there. It's not a very difficult question. Is my toe broken. I was told she "didn't know if the results came yet but the Dr. makes calls after 5:00." No return call on Friday, or Mon or Tues. Yesterday I called there and asked in my not so nice voice how difficult it was to let me know if my toe was broken. Naturally, she couldn't do anything but listen because the doctor returns calls after 5. Well, at 3, (my not so nice voice must have paid off) Dr. Whogivesawhoot called. No he told me, my toe is not broken. They have however discovered that I either have gout or a crippling type of arthritis. ARTHRITIS!! GOUT!! This ^*)(*%&@** man felt he was ACTUALLY INFORMING ME OF SOMETHING! Could it be rhuematoid arthritis I asked? "Well, perhaps.... " By this point it was all I could do to not shout into the phone. "I've had RA since I was 16 years old!" "Well, I suppose it could be RA," he finally conceeded. Now I know NOTHING about xrays, but my toes are all crookedy and curved funny. I have no idea if gout and RA look the same but I would imagine similar! Besides, it's my little toe not the big one that was in trouble. (the big toe is usually affected with gout). I digress though. The point is... MY DOCTOR, THE ONE I'VE BEEN GOING TO FOR TWO YEARS, AS HAS MY HUSBAND, HAD NO IDEA THAT HE WAS TALKING TO A PATIENT WITH RA! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to scream at him. DH thinks it's hilarious! It's like diagnoising me with curly hair....WELL DUUUHHH!! This man is very busy too. I just am flabbergasted. On the plus side, the toe seems to be healing and feeling better.

I'm looking forward to wearing heels again, looking for a new doctor and fuming. DH just can't stop chuckling........

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been waiting for this for years...and years!!

I'm jumping up and down as best as I can here! Jumping with joy that it is! For ONCE, I didn't quit. I kept plugging away, trying, working and finally, FINALLY my perserverance paid off. The scale finally MOVED! It not only moved, over the past two days it plummeted....downward. I am sooooo, sooooo, thrilledI haven't weighed this since college. Of course, two pregnancys, two c-sections, and quite a number of years later, have left my body not excatly in the same condition as college....but who cares! The scale MOVED! I haven't exercised since I hurt my toe but next week I'm going to the gym in flip flops and ride the bikes!

I have to keep the mommentum going!

A new Gold's gym is opening about a mile from my house so I switched gyms. I cant' wait until they finally open. I'm looking forward to group exercise classes. Maybe the scale will move the next 15 lbs.

On a quilty note....I made one, yes only one, pinwheel block. I still haven't attached the borders to DD quilt. I swear I am the BEST at procrastinating! sigh, sigh, sigh. I'll get there. Right now, no negativity in my head...only happy, happy, joy, joy. I'll be mad at myself for not getting borders attached yet another day. Today is one to think positive. I AM FINALLY DOING IT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WELL PHOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pretty rootin' tootin' sure I broke my little toe at school today. I got it caught UNDER a door. What a clutz! It doesn't hurt but is sure inconvenient. I am spending the day with my foot elevated and trying to decide what I'm going to wear on my feet tomorrow! No I didn't have an x-ray. Even with an x-ray there is nothing they can do for a little toe. I was walking into a classroom, the teacher was busy with the children, my foot got caught under the door and I managed to not let one swear word pass my lips! OOOOHHHH I was thinking them! I was in pain and wanted to shout out but not a sound came out! Boy are those little children lucky I realized they were in the room! I called DH and told him to be prepared....I've never broken a bone in my life and I plan on milking this for all it's worth....even if it is only a little toe.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How oh HOW?

I get stuck, absolutely stuck when it comes to borders. I HATE the measuring, measuring and measuring. Because I'm a nut, I rarely make a small quilt so I always have these long, long borders (well, they feel a million miles long to me). How do you get yourself to actually do what you hate? Often, I just make the quilt bigger and skip the borders but this particular quilt needs the borders to frame it. Plus, becuase I'm such a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c quilter, I need the borders to square up and not lose the pattern once the quilting is finished. do you do it! I read on other blogs..."I finished a few quilts this weekend or I just whipped this together yesterday"....and I see a finished top AND borders! I'm soooooo jealous! (Now I'm sure that part of the problem could be that ....well, I've heard that you actually need to go IN the sewing room to finish quilts! : ) ) I've been catching up on blog reading and see finish after finish. Again, the jealousy! I MUST get the borders on DD anniversary quilt and I'm totally stalling. Maybe today???????????

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Have you read these?

For months and months and months I've wanted to recommend this book. I "read" it a while ago but couldn't remember the author or name of the book. It was finally back on the "books on cd shelf" at the library and I wrote it down. It is hands down one of the best books I've ever read. I could SO sympathize with the family in the story. I was in agony for the characters.

Another author I've so enjoyed in Cecilia Ahern. Her book If You Could See Me Now
was wonderful. With both of these books, I don't know if I it was the story or the storyteller (I listen to most of my books so I can do more than one thing at a time) that made them so very wonderful. I thought the Cecilia Ahern book was so creative! Another one of her books is P.S. I Love You. It is being made into or already is a movie. Another good story.
These books are what I call stories. I get tired of smutty story lines, murder story lines, blood and guts story lines. I like...stories! I've even listened to a few western series just for something different. Everything is ok once in a while...but mostly I just like a good story.
On a quilty note...I FINALLY finished the top of DD quilt. Only thing left is borders!!! I has to be done as her first anniversary is just around the corner!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Gotta Love Half Price Books

Some days you walk into Half Price Books and walk out empty handed. Not this time! I LOVE the Strips and Strings book! What wonderful ideas for our charity group. I wish I had more time for quilting! I paid a whole .75 for the quick quilts magazine!
Did ya' know that Simply Quilts is back on HGTV? Reruns but how nice it is to get that 7 a.m. quilting fix again. I may not love Alex Anderson but I do love my morning fix!
My girlfriend is off in Austin spending my money on fabric and I cannot wait to get it and touch it for myself. We have one quilt shop in our city that has the tone of fabrics I like. Unfortunately the owner is less than perfect and most of my friends refuse to patronize her shop. After many, many months of not going in, I decided to cross the threshold. Well, I shouldn't have bothered. I am extremely put off when noone can be bothered to say hello! The place is only the size of a peanut so it's not like I was lost in a cavernous place. I walked past the owner (in the front of the shop) and she couldn't even say hi. Yes, she was with a customer but hello or a head nod is not rude. I was in the store a full 10 mins before she HAPPENED to walk past me and say hello. URGH! When you add the other rude encounters I've had in the place, I have decided to join the ranks of those that would rather shop on the internet than go into that shop. I can be treated impersonally anywhere. Enough of that!
I'll try to post more of my banners soon. I forgot to take pictures.


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