Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Brother???

This is so strange. Google has a map service that allows you to go to street level and "drive" down the street. They only have it set up in a few cities. Ms. A decided to play with it and lo and behold! She is in one of the shots!! It seems that Google sends a truck around that takes pictures. She happened to be sitting at a red light when the truck went past (she never even knew!) She was just playing online and noticed a car that looks like hers! On the site, you can rotate the picture, zoom ect. We zoomed in and yup! it's her car...complete with her driving (a blurry fuzz that you can't see) the dings, lack of hubcap and scratches (I swear she owns bumper cars!!!) How weird don'tcha think!!!! DH thnks that it is just BIG BROTHER looking at us. I think it's too cool, coincidental and funny!
I'll get back to quilting as soon as I get through spring cleaning, taxes (haven't even started), binding three quilts and getting caught up at school. I am so behind having lost 10 days. I am very grateful I got to spend the time with my dad and family but it left me scrambling.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


My little 3 day jaunt to keep my family company while my dad had a heart catherization turned into a 10 day, "I sure am glad I came," open heart surgery for my dad, trip. He is great and at home. The best news was he had no symptoms, no heart attack, just a good set of doctors that caught a potential catastrophe before it happened. Like my neice and nephew said, It was good to spend so much time with each other....too bad it was for this reason.

My regularly scheduled quilting will resume...much quicker than I thought because my friend has already delivered two charity quilts that need bound. I have one other sitting here...she told me to get busy as my homework is building up! LOL!!

I did have time for a bit of retail therapy when I first got to Ohio. I bought the Miranda & Veronica bag patterns from Lazy Girl Designs. Can't wait to get busy on them. The link is to the Lazy Girl Blog.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I quilted on the CCCat's longarm today. WhooHOOO! With her guidance, I've accumulated a few pantographs and cones of thread!! Here's the newest color additions....These are So Fine thread from Superior.

This is the one panto I bought. It's called popcorn and I really like it. I would show the rest of the pantos but can't seem to copy the pictures. We used two different pantos on the quilt because we just wanted to know how they looked! This longarm quilting is incredibly fun. I am so, so fortunate to have such a generous friend. We make a good team. She quilts, I cut and fuss, I quilt, she cuts and fusses....well mostly today I quilted while she did the grunt work. We are also a good team at getting in trouble in fabric stores, at quilt shows...ect. Now, I have never attended a show with her but have managed to spend 100's of dollars while she attended!! I told her she is not allowed to go to another show for a long time. It is waaayyyy too hard on my checkbook! UUURRGGHHHH!!!! I tried to post the pictures I just spent time finding of the threads ect. but blogger is acting punky!

We managed to get the entire Mary Engelbreight quilt finished.....despite me. I was a bit distracted. I am leaving tomorrow to go Ohio. My dad has to have some tests and a possible procedure so I'm going to be with him and my siblings. I will bind and post photos of the quilt when I return.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I've been collecting blue jeans for YEARS! Well, until today that is. Today is my day of Freedom...almost. I cleaned out the drawers, cabinets and cupboards of the jeans and feel liberated! The idea of making another blue jean quilt is lovely. Putting it into practice is a whole nuther issue! Soooo....if anyone out there has a need for a million pairs of jeans and wants to pay for the postage, they are yours! Otherwise...It's off to Goodwill in the morning and the trash for the less desirable pairs! Mountains I tell you! Mountains of blue jeans!!! BTW I now have an empty drawer and shelf....teeheeheehee....I wonder how I can fill them.......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The last of the Oldies

I've been waiting until closer to Passover to post these. I'm not sure if I ever posted them before but as I explained I am trying to archive and condense all of my photos. I needed to get these off of Webshots. These are two of three table runners I made. This one is mine and is one of a kind! The outer fabric is 6 pointed stars, the paths are matzo fabric, the green represents spring & parsley & the purple the cups of wine (I know, there really should have been 4 but I didn't have enough fabric). These are all themes represented in the Passover Seder. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking when I took the closeup. It is a terrible mismatched seam!

passover table runner1


This one is a twin. I always make things in 3's. I make one for me and one for each girl. Theirs have Jerusalem fabric with the matzo paths. It looks a bit like eggs on a plate huh!

passover table runner2


These are two of the matzo kippot (head covering males and some females wear in synagogue) I made. I made about 40 of these. A woman offered me $10.00 each if I made her 8 in about 4 days. Her family wore them at their Seder! The really cute thing is I had her son in my Hebrew School class. I gave one to each of the boys that year. He wears his still! At the High Holidays, there he is wearing his matzo kippot!


By the time I finished all of these kippot, I had perfected the the process and made 60 for Mrs. S's wedding, I realized that you can buy a stamp and fabric ink and stamp them just like the custom made "store bought" ones. The kippot for their wedding were stamped with their names and the date of the wedding.


Gosh! I forgot one! I am so afraid that I might hurt someones feelings by not "picking them." But, Susan at Desert Sky Quilting always, always comments on my blog and that indeedee makes my day! So I'm sending out this award to you too!

Aww Gee Thanks!

QuiltMommyQuilts gave me this award! Wowee! It sure did come on a good day. I
know that this seems like a cop-out but I really couldn't just name just a few bloggers that make my day! So, what I am going to do is limit my tag to only 3. I really have a hard time choosing as I honestly do love all the blogs that I read. If I have ever posted a comment on your blog you may feel free to take this little award and make it your own. I really only comment from the heart and if I took the time to do so, then on that day, you MADE MY DAY!
I read on a friends blog that someone told her that these little award things and meme's are like chain letters. I disagree completely! I wanted to comment on her blog but haven't so I'll do it here. I really think the meme's are fun. They are a great way to blog on a day that you don't have anything to say!!!!! The "awards" ....well, it's always nice to know that someone appreciates the words that you take the time to compose! For the most part, I take the time to make sure that my grammar, spelling and intention is at least understandable. Ok, I could really get on my soapbox here but instead of that, I'm going to tag....
Shelina at Shelina's Creations - she has some great posts!
Amy at The Calico Cat - I lurk a lot on her blog but always read. I do believe that I've "known"
Amy for many years. I think we were both on a Jewish Scrappbookers
site. From her I gleaned the idea to always have a Judaic type fabric in
a quilt
Elaine at Elaine Adair Pieces - I wanna sew like her when I grow up! I also want to approach
as enthusiastically as she does.
My list could go on and on but if I want to get dinner done and exercise I need to move from this computer....On the other hand if I stay a bit longer I would need to miss exercise.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

OMG!!!! I DON'T EXIST!!!!!!!


I've been trying to add yesterdays pictures since...well...yesterday. Here is a sneak peak at my two finished quilt tops and backs. I figure this way I can show a picture but not show the unfinished project. You get a glimpse of my ironing board too. Don't these look just wonderful!! It is so worth the time and effort. It's a bit tedious but I love the way it looks and it forces me to keep it neat also.
However, all that productivity came at a price....Whata mess is left!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yes!!! I'M SHOUTING! My goals from last week...

1. Finish the back on the Mary Engelbreit quilt
2. Border Mrs. S's Anniversary quilt
3. Make the back for the above
4, Finish refolding one more shelf of fabric
5. Exercise 4X not counting dancing MORE ON THIS TOMORROW
6. Make a list of house goals (you really don't have the time see read everything that
needs done there!)

The reason my report is so late today is that I didn't get to finish my goals until a few minutes ago. I actually got the backs and borders...yes you read correctly, borders finished on two quilts today!! Yeeee!!! Haaaa!!! Did I bust the stash? You betcha. The ME back is a quilt in itself! I have no idea how much is on the anniversary back but it is huge. It's 102X102. I'll actually add it up when I finish the quilting. YIKES! I just realized that I don't have binding for the ME quilt. I've used every last ooch of fabric to finish this thing....I am NOT however buying more ME. I just finished up the yards and yards and yards of the stuff!!!!

I did buy 1 skirt pattern and 4 fat quarters. I need them for a purse for Ms. A.

I also finished a few more colors of my shelves. I'd post pictures but blogger is hiccuping tonight. I'll post those in the morning or later....


If you see a post about etching a glass pan, it's not mine. It was something I kept in my files so I'd remember how to do the process I was trying to do something in Office with my blog and used the file on the glass pan. I deleted it as soon as I realized it didn't work. However, I noticed that it showed up in bloglines!!! This is where that post came from . So sorry Ms. Happyvalleyquilter!!!! I sure didn't mean to copy your post to my blog!!!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


LIG = LIFE IS GOOD! A while back I read a post from Shelina and she got me to thinking. It was a wonderful post. I just got around to composing.

We spend so much of our time complaining (well, at least I do! I am the kvetchy queen) that sometimes it's good to just list out all the good things in our life. I told DH at lunch today, (uhm....after he told me I looked nice and did I get my hair done. {{Wow! What's up with that!!! Once I had my hair cut and dyed blonde and he never noticed! I can leave the house with my foundation makeup not rubbed in and he doesn't notice. }} "No, I just got off work" was my reply. Then he said "Wow! I feel like I'm cheating on his wife. Now typing that made me realize that could be taken wrong but trust me,it was a compliment! ) that I really feel like this is the best time we've had in our lives. We come and go as we please. We go dancing 2-3 nights/week, even if 2 nights are lessons. We enjoy one anothers company, are in relatively good health and generally are very, very fortunate. I always tell people that it doesn't require diamonds to make me happy. Really. It doesn't. People don't believe me. They always say "well, diamonds are nice...." Keep your diamonds. I'll keep....

-children that want to spend time with us, trust us enough to talk frankly to us about their lives
and (gulp) actually demonstrate the morals and values we taught them. It's
unbelievable! Good or bad, they practice what we preached only better. They actually
LISTENED! There were moments during teenagehood that we were sure that they were
spawns of Satan!!!
-a husband that is incredible and as I saw on another blog "supports my quilting habit" (even if
he doesn't notice when I forget to rub in my foundation)
-a job I love
-turning the corner and seeing the gulf or bay. I always forget about it and then one day boom,
I'm driving along the coastline on the way to the dr. office, or library or to a meeting.
-knowing all 4 of my grandparents and knowing them well. Grandma Lil is 92.
-Monday mornings at 7 am. My dad calls. We talk for all of 2 mins. unless I'm chatty. He says
maybe 6 words the entire time! But he calls.
-finding a "family" 1200 miles from "home" My friends are amazing.
-the internet...yes, the internet. It allows me to keep in touch with family that I'd otherwise not.
It has allowed me to make friends with people across many, many miles.
-anyone that reads my blog...even if you don't comment. I really enjoy this blogging business.
-and last but not coffeepot! yes, my coffeepot! I just love the silly thing. It grinds the
beans and brews the coffee. YUM! Fresh ground and brewed coffee (even IF I have to have
decaff then caff any more) waiting for me when I wake up.

What makes you happy? What fulfills your life? Take a moment to think about it. Even if you are having a rough patch, there is plenty to be thankful for. Some days it requires a bit more "peeking around corners" to find the good but it's there.

Monday, March 03, 2008

How I count things

Judy was wondering how we all count the fabric in our stash. I am a totalitarian. Unless it is totally finished, I cannot count it as being used. The way I figure, if it's still sitting somewhere in my sewing room then it is not "outa there!" So until a quilt is labeled and bound, a project is ready to be used, I don't count the fabric as being used. My stats this year are dismal. I have taken in waayyyy more than I've used. I really think that this fabric diet is merely curbing my buying appetite. Touching and rearranging all the fabric really helps in the whole "don't buy" arena. Cleaning up my shelves, categorizing my FQ is a real comeuppance! I know I have a lot but actually touching it all is overwhelming!!! I think I'm going to make a goal list.....let's see if I can accomplish my goals over the next week.....
Goals for the week:
1. Finish the back on the Mary Engelbreit quilt
2. Border Mrs. S's Anniversary quilt
3. Make the back for the above
4, Finish refolding one more shelf of fabric
5. Exercise 4X not counting dancing
6. Make a list of house goals (you really don't have the time see read everything that
needs done there!)
I'm off....less time on the computer....more time achieving goals!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ohhh my aching diet!

I didn't sew much today....I shopped for school, planned for school and cooked for school!
Mr. FancyPants bought Mrs. S her birthday present early....and just in time! I called her yesterday and whined (what I do best!) would she like to come over and make hamantashen (fruit filled cookies) with me? (tee hee hee.....Little did she know that my alterior plan was to make all the dough for the cookies we are baking at school...tee hee hee....I need to make enough dough to serve 145 children, 23 staff and a Purim program...tee hee hee....Free help!) Little did I know that Mr. FancyPants was buying this for her. It made short work of the 10 batches of dough we made. We put it through its paces and suffieciently dirtied it up. We then baked two batches for her and one for Ms. A (who still has hamantashen in the freezer from LAST year!) I'm very, very worried that although we made loads of dough, I won't have enough. What a fine line to walk between not enough and too much! At least when we bake on Weds., if I'm short, I'll have time to make what's needed.

Looks like there was alot of sewing going on in blogland today!
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Stashbusting Report

LOOKIE WHAT'S FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!~ After a long vacation (she had quite the adventure. Sitting in the back of my friends truck for a few days. Then she came back home for a short rest before enjoying the mess that is Ms. A's car. After a refreshing visit at the sewing machine spa where she was properly fix, cleaned and oiled she went back to Ms. A's apt. She waited patiently for me to arrive to pick her up. She was so delighted when the zipper of her carrier opened and I gently caressed her. Imagine the horror she must have felt when I forgot her behind the recliner!!! There she sat for many weeks before she had another trip in Ms. A's car. She waited patiently in the parking lot in San Antonio before I finally put her into my trunk. Two months later she is finally at home and in her bed!) Although my machine is finally home, I haven't really felt like sewing too much so I did this.......

Ya gotta admit it looks wayyy better than the photo below! I've been reading for years about folding fabric around a ruler and by gum! It works! It really does look so much better. I culled my fat quarters and pieces that I can cut down. I then neatened up my individual color scrap boxes (odd sized pieces that are not cut up into strips. Many times I need these for applique or a project)

In In the process of straightening my shelves and individual color boxes, look what I discovered. Fat quarters! Lots of fat quarters! Every time I see a pattern that says use X number of FQ, I think, hmmm....I don't have FQ, I'll have to cut yardage.....WRONG! This is only 3 colors (plus the few FQ I'd had set aside originally) Good thing I have another of these boxes!!!
Here are the projects I finally finished this week. Soon I should have an explosion of finishes. I just really don't like to count them until they are done done. But you should note that I nearly have the back finished on the last "never ending Mary Engelbrieght fabric." After that it is borders on Ms. S's anniversary quilt and then.......loads to finish, loads to finish!

These were supposed to be finished in FEB!

I am so tickled that I finished the spring stitchery BEFORE fall! I'm nearly done with the summer one!!!! WhOOO HOOO! One of my friends kindly but in that talking to a 2 yr. old tone, informed me that I was not using the right stitch on this. I am here to tell you whooooo cares! I've always done the backstitch. I was told that I should be doing the stem stitch. Well, I went off and refreshed myself on the stem stitch wondering how I'd begun the backstitch in the first place. I then went to the LQS and discovered that all of her samples were backstitch!!! SO UM! (tongue sticking out!) It makes no difference what stitch I want to use!!!! I do like the look of the stem stitch and my summer stitchery will use it but I will NOT be bullied again!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Believe it or not...our first concert

Yes indeedee, this was the first concert that DH and I have ever attended together. We have known one another for nearly 30 years and this is the first time. Just to prove to our incredulous children, I bought DH a t-shirt so he could prove that we did actually go! We didn't take the most flattering photos after sitting outside in the wind and humidity....having a few adult I'm not posting them! Yes, while most of my family is freezing, figuring out where to put additional snow and generally being sick of winter, we sat outside and waited for a concert As I continually say, there are advantages to being 1,000 miles away! I found it utterly fascinating that Rodney Atkins played such a small, intimate venue. Really under, probably way under, 500 people. It didn't feel that crowded...well, until my friend and I wiggled our way to the third row back. (the pictures were not taken with a zoom lens. ) The other fascinating thing is he was so up close with the fans. Other concerts I've attended have all been in coliseums. You are miles from the artist. This guy stopped singing to sign autographs, have a conversation..etc. It made it so much more fun to feel like you were a part of the show as opposed to a spectator. We were crunched together but put ourselves into that place so I can't complain. We could have opted to stay in the back or outside with the "older set" but why!!!?? DH is not quite as adventurous as I and he hung out a bit further back; not quite in the crush of people. When RA walked around the outer perimeter (the picture with the arms all lifted and the "at every concert adoring fan fawning all over the artist" girl), He kinda, sorta shook DH's hand. Now, I am NOT a groupie of any celebrity. They are merely someone doing their job. DH is exactly the same so we just laughed and laughed that (said with the deepest sighing, girlie voice) Rodney Atkins touched him! OOOOOOO!!!! If I ever won tickets that take you backstage or to the tour bus, I'd like to see the inner workings but be very uncomfortable with the whole "meet the celeb thing." Do you suppose any celeb would like to visit me at my work?? Come to my house or better yet my car to see how I live? Do you think they'd swoon if I walked by? It would be interesting to see the tour bus as a curiosity but to fawn all over the celeb....I think not! Last time I checked they are just entertaining us...doing the job they chose in life. I'd like there to be a contest to win a morning with me at my work! I'd like celebs to come and visit me at my job and see exactly what it is I do to afford to go to their concert, movie or event!!! (in fairness to this concert, it was only $25.00! Alan Jackson is coming next week to the big auditorium and tickets start at $56.00! Not going. I can listen to a CD!) I'm the one that should be fawned over huh! But the thing that has drawn me to the country music is precisely that most of the artists seem to understand that without us they don't have a job. They seem to be more lenient about things like cameras, autographs and just plain being friendly. It's much more G or PG rated, family oriented. It is a pleasure to share something with your family and not be worried about "f" word bleeeeps and embarrassing adult situations.

State of our Backsides....and stuff

I vow to keep this report going whether it's good or bad. I also vow to STOP whining. The state of my backside is miserable. There. I said it! I'll keep plugging away and hopefully next week.....I've finally learned that I cycle. I seem to be in a not so positive place right now....If I can just maintain my weight and exercise until I can force myself back into a positive place I will be very happy. I hope that makes sense. My exercise this week was non existent. We had to go to San Antonio Monday night and returned Tuesday. The only exercise there was eating the taboo homemade tortillas! I've been having some health issues (just something I live with and on occassiont keeps me out of the gym) and I've been afraid to go to the gym alone. No panics here....just something I deal with. We did dance on Thursday but that is definately not enough. So once again, boringly, I declare to "do better" next week.

Does anyone else look at there sitemeter stats? Blogline subscriptions? Curiosity makes me look at them. I lost a blogline reader.....sniff, sniff.......I'll just tell myself that they were purging their list and mine mistakenly was deleted....sniff, sniff....It couldn't be that I whine and kvetch my way through my blog could it.....sniff, sniff.....

Expect multiple posts today...I have alot to say!!


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