Monday, July 28, 2008

Dolly and BIG SIGHS

We were very lucky here not to get Hurricaine Dolly. Because I still haven't turned on my bloglines, I have no idea how others fared. I hope well. Here are some pictures of the day the hurricane went ashore. The wind was very whippy! Look how my hair and the palm tree are mimicing one another!!! A big sigh of relief here as we were on vacation and had no idea there was a storm in the Gulf. Thank Goodness we came home on Tues. as Weds the airlines were not running!

I've updated my weight loss ticker.....part of the reason I wasn't blogging....I hate to admit defeat but this ^&*#*! weight defeats me everytime. Hopefully my downward spiral has ended........BIG BIG SIGH! I HAVE however been exercising. I have a goal to do 10 "real" pushups. Right now I can do 1! I'll get there one day!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Funday

Yes, this is what I did today! I went kayaking! I think DH has totally weirded out here because it was his idea. You have to understand that this is the most LEAST adventurous man you'd meet. Yesterday we went to a kayaking demo and tried them out. Today we went and rented one. At Dh's suggestion I might add! We only lasted a few hours but it was fun. Well, really we paddled for about 1 1/2 hours and celebrated with a beer at a beach resturaunt for the rest of the time. We don't fish and just paddled around. All I can say is thank goodness for all of the weight lifting I've been doing or I'd be in serious pain right now. The middle of my back is sore but my arms and shoulders are fine. We stayed close to the shore and only ventured out into deeper water a couple of times. One of our treks through the boat channel resulted in a boat barreling down on us. We were crossing the their way! Well, at least it felt like they were barreling down on us . We paddled like mad and dashed across. It turned out to be a beach patrol so the "barreling down" was obviously in our head!!! We did go quickly though when we thought that a boat "with a motor" was about to cross our path!! We stayed in the Laguna and only went out into "bigger water" for a split second. It felt wayyyy toooooo vulnerable. It would probably help to have a bit of knowledge about water, wind, tides, know something about the area, remember where we've been and how to get back , know the names of the various bodies of water around here.....but we will get there if we go again. Who knows, DH may even decide to FISH! I took pictures but they need developed. I'm so not used to film cameras any more!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, I've been on a mental health break....I think. I'm not sure why but I've not only NOT been sewing (my machine has been covered since school ended), I've not been blogging and not even looking at the computer! WOW! I think I'm weirding out here! I've been deactivated on Stash Quilts for a while (boohoo! but ya gotta follow the rules!). I'll be posting if anyone is still out there. I may need to stray a bit from the quilting for a little while but we'll all survive. Look for a post on our delightful vacation! We went to Las Vegas and had a blast! I'll be back later or tomorrow with that post. I must! I really need to get things back to "normal" around here!


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