Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ms. Ruthie and I have been working out. Alot. She has been with a trainer for 6 weeks. I just had two sessions but had been doing cardio only for the previous 6 weeks. Last week we hit it hard. I don't know if I was trying to keep up with her, she was trying to keep up with me or we were both being stupid. Today the proverbial fan was hit!
Yesterday at school, I bent over. It shouldn't have caused too much stress on my body... it's something I do everyday. However, on Tuesday the trainer had me working my lower body. He thought I could do a million lunges, squats and stairs and even though I wasn't so sure, so I complied. Ugggg. Weds., I nearly cried each time I raised and lowered myself into the itty bitty child sized chairs in my room. Getting up and down off of the floor was agony. Walking up and down my loft stairs challenging. (A two year old ran into my room and immediately in the loft. He wasn't supposed to be there and wouldn't come down. I whined at I HAVE to come up and GET you?) Weds. night I stupidly went and did cardio. I was instantly reminded that I'd worked my legs but kept on going. Thurs. was upper body. Easy Peasy. Oh yeah???? I felt fine yesterday. My legs seemed to be back to semi normal. My arms and back were sore but not unbearable. That is, until I bent over. It is a simple little movement, but my body revolted and I pulled a muscle. In my leg you ask? My arm? No......MY TUSH! It's actually the muscle that you feel when you sit crossed legged. Mine happens to be very stretchy but obviously not THAT stretchy cause it HURT!. As the day progressed my left arm began to get sore...then my shoulder and then....NO ARMPIT!
Today Ms. Ruthie and I decided to limp to the gym. Ms. Ruthie's tricep hurt so bad that she wished she had a sling. She slogged her way through the bike. She usually pounds it out on the treadmill. I did my ab work..... I did squats....hmmm...a bit of tachycardia. Not bad, but enough to make me wait 20 mins. for it to stop before I began again. (this something I live with. don't worry about it. If it had been bad, I'd have stopped) Ok, Off to the stairs...I made it up, two at a time without the handrails. Yeah ME! Tush hurt a bit but not bad enough to quit. Go to lunges....AHHHH! I nearly fell over. The muscle wouldn't do it. Go back to find Ms. Ruthie, sweating, something she never does, on the bike. She is in agony with her arm. I am in agony with my leg. We decide to go to the track. Surely a simple walk wouldn't do anymore damage. We wondered if perhaps there was a lane marked especially for "exercise challenged preschool teachers trying to look like they were 20 again." There wasn't but we persevered. Perhaps we didn't get MUCH done today, but at least we weren't on the couch. Tomorrow, who knows. It may be as far as we get.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Last week I posted my empty wall because of retreat. I figured that this week I'd post the design wall FROM retreat. It runs the entire length of the room (for more on retreat check back later this week). As we are in the midst of creating we throw it up on the design wall. Now these beauties aren't all my creations. I just thought you'd like to take a looksee at the design wall I looked at all last week. I didn't get a chance to take pictures until most of the projects were finished. I was, after all, busy making my own additions to the design wall!

This is a top created by my table partner. It's from the Turning Twenty Around The Block book. LOVE THE COLORS. I'm not a fan of the Turning Twenty quilts but I really like this one!
Turning 20 around the block I

I don't know WHO might be working on a bazillion triangle quilt. Here are two of the 4 finished rows. The measurement is going to be 114 X 120.....SOMEONE is NUTS!

Isn't this pretty! Made from the "Simple Stars, Beautiful Quilts" No Diamonds, book. See the bear in the corner? It's made from UT fabric and really cute.

This top was created with this pattern. I'd never even heard of Art Gallery Fabrics before!


Another Turning Twenty Quilt


The table runner on the left is from Connecting Threads. The purse is a Runaround Bag by Lazy Girl. The one on the right? No idea.


This is Ms. CCCat's. Isn't it soooo pretty in the 30's prints!


Love the colors on this one.


The wall hanging is from a pattern called Seasonal Skinnys by Crazy Old Lady Quilts. The quilt on the right is from a pattern in Quilts n' More. We have all made a number of this particular pattern. It's wonderful because it's huge blocks.

One of our quilting friends doesn't quilt at all! She is a sewer. She makes all of her husbands shirts and this is one of the one's she finished


I don't remember what pattern my table partner was using to create this beauty. She is SO prolific at a machine she cranks out the tops all week long!


This is one of my favorites! It is created by drawing the stars on freezer paper and cutting apart. I think I like it so well because I know I'd NEVER do this pattern. I kept trying to steal this but she INSISTED on taking it home with her!

Mine. It is for DH. He was thrilled. If you can't see the print, it's Cleveland Cavalier fabric and basketballs.

The second one for DH. I figure he supports all of this quiltting business, the least I can do is make him one....or two! This one is the Cleveland Browns. If you look at the top (only) border, it is a dog print. It's the DOG POUND!!!! LOLOOLOLOLOLOL!!!! If you aren't a Cleveland fan or a football fan you won't get it!

One of the 4 pillowcases I made.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stash Report

Boy did we have fun! I started and finished 2 tops, 4 pillow cases and got 4 rows done on my monster quilt. I also finished 8 wonder wallets today. I am on a sewing roll! I will report more on retreat later in the week. I have pictures!

Check out Judy's blog and see how the others are busting stash like crazy!

Fabric added this week 4 yds
Fabric used this week 16.5
Total added YTD 43
Total used YTD 16.5

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My quilts in use

I receive lots of comments on my classroom. I teach both the L'dor V'dor class, meaning from generation to generation (I teach Jewish customs and holidays) and I am the librarian. I share a room with myself. I have many quilts and wallhangings for decorations. The quilts add softness and warmth to my very square, very hard surroundings. I also have a loft. The kindergarteners recently used the loft to put on a puppet show. Look what they used to create the theater.

(before you ask why I'm letting the kids play with THIS quilt..... I loved this quilt. I used quilt shop fabric and it wasn't an inexpensive one to make. I waited about 2 years to have it quilted. However, I made poor choices....I let her use her batting without asking what type it was. It's very poofy. I chose the wrong panto. In short, my very favorite quilt became my least favorite because of the quilting. Lesson learned. However, it is a great puppet theater backdrop!)

Here the dragon is telling a story.


Here the cat is listening to the dragons story. P1140053

In this picture the elephant and fish (that orange blur) make an appearance.


It was such a thrill watching this entire puppet show evolve. Unfortunately, I had to cut it short as they needed to leave, but I'm sure that next week the show will return.(unfortunately you can't see the curtains I added to the bottom of the loft because I removed them for washing.)

" BYE" said the cat.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Minkee Monday

Minkee loves me. .... There is no doubt about it. However, there are times when her "love" gets really irritating. Here she is while I am on the computer. Not once in a while but every time. First, she takes a flying leap, grabs on for dear life, with a big ooooof, and scrambles to the top of my chair. See the claw evidence on the chair? This big fat cat oooof, generally scares me out of my wits. You'd think I'd be expecting it but more often than not, she shocks me. This picture isn't so great but you get the idea. I was taking it over my head.

This is a much better shot of her, once again taken over my head. She usually will sit there, with her motor runnign, for quite a while.


Once her motor gets good and warmed up, she begins her descent....down my chest and arm that is! She thinks I'm her own personal climbing toy! Here she is standing on my shoulder. This is a big girl here that thinks she's a parrot!


Climbing, climbing down....along my arm to reach....

.....the computer! She isn't happy until she is in my way, tail swishing in my face, exploring what I am doing! It's usually about this time that she either clears out on her own or more than likely, I give her "a little help!"
This climbing up and down us is very common for this cat. She usually is on the back of any chair I am in and always ends up in "the descent." She likes being perched on our shoulders. I really think she missed her calling as a parrot.

Design Wall Monday

Well....I know that this isn't strictly a post about my design wall.....However, in a sense, it is.....Because we are on our way to retreat! Whoo hoo! How can I post what is ON my design wall when everything from it is IN the car? This car holds all that is necesary to create a great design wall!! If I have an internet connection once we arrive, I will post an additional entry with a real wall with stuff on it!!!! Ohhhhh ok, to be fair, here is the empty one at home!!LOL!!

This is all the junk three women need to spend 4 days away from home sewing!

View from the back....

View from the front.....

The three amigas! Packed, ready and waiting for morning!
Just waiting for morning!

Hope I didn't anger anyone with my unorthodox posting for design wall monday!!

Pop over to Judy's blog for a look at the other entrys that actually have quilts!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stash Report

It's week 3 and I finally have a stash report with no additions!. Of course, I have no subtractions either but, at least everything stayed the same.

All of my projects are packed for retreat. On the plus side, if I finish half of what I want to finish, I'll be doing good!

My optomistic list of projects
4 pillow cases 2 3/4 yds
wonder wallets 1/4 yd per two
Cavs top a bunch o fabric
Browns top (it's nearly done now) a bunch o fabric
triangle top a massive amount of fabric

I used to count fabric as "used" only after a project is finished. I think I'm going to change that. Once a top is finished, not quilted but to flimsy, that fabric is used. Unless you want to disassemble a flimsy to re-use fabrics, they are out of your stash. So, if next week is productive, I'll have a great stash report. Well, that is if I don't have toooo much fun at It's a Stitch in Houston, and The Quilt Room in Huffman. Just in case,I'll need to be sure to finish projects as a counter balance!!!

Pop over to Judy's blog and see how the other participants are doing on their stashbusting!

Fabric added this week 0 yds
Fabric used this week 0
Total added YTD 39
Total used YTD 0

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Gym and I


I lost alot of weight the year before last and gained most of it back last year. There I admited it and it's no longer the elephant on my shoulder.

I love the gym.......I feel so good when I go. It gives me the incentive to go again and again. Plus, once ya' work so hard you sure don't want to blow it by eating junk.

I hate the gym.......It isn't something that you can let slide for more than a day or two.

I love the gym........I look so good when I go regularly....

I hate the gym........It is unforgiving. It doesn't care if you are cold, hot, tired, expects you there.

I love the gym....I ran into someone that I haven't seen in 1 1/2 years

I hate the gym....I ran into someone that I haven't seen in 1 1/2 years....while in my swimsuit and no makeup....

Big sigh....I'm going to the gym today.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Here is my design wall.


Yes, It's dirty and empty. That is because everything I am working was here....


and is now here.

All of those triangles are safely tucked away and ready to go to retreat. It took hours and hours to cut and trim them all. I figure that there was 22 yds of fabric cut to make these puppies. I do not count all 22 yds as there are scraps to be used in another way. After all I didn't use all 22 yds. I will need to figure out the yardage on all of these but I'll wait for another day on that.

Right now, I AM FINISHED CUTTING A GAZZILLION AND ONE triangles. Now I'm off to cut out pillowcases and another quilt......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another question

You guys never let me down and this is a question that I have a hard time forming. Basically the question is "What settings do I put my camera on so that I get an uploaded picture that is not ENORMOUS!." My camera is a 12 megapixel. It takes these enormous pics that I have to resize. I don't want to resize every single picture I take. I know that I don't understand the pixels and such. I know that I have no business having a hoopty doopty camera with more features than I probably need. BUT as long as I have it I want to use it. Can you help?

Stash Report

I am getting ready for retreat!!!! Really. Really, Really and truly. Now in order to get ready for retreat I am cutting triangles (that's for tomorrows report), and getting projects ready.

Once I finish the triangle quilt (my goal is to have it ready to show for the March guild meeting! Aren't I optimistic!!) I will need a back. A HUGE back. So as long as I am going to have a huge palette, I decided to make the back a solid so I can display mini quilts (aka, the UFO's I poop out on and never quite get big enough to cover my king sized bed) and make some toppers (this is what Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan have graciously dubbed these larger than wall hanging but too small for a bed, quilts). (In all fairness I LOVE the toppers books and the entire idea fits my "eyes bigger than stomach" mentality) Plus I certainly didn't have 10-12 yds of one fabric sitting around. Well a huge solid palette required shopping!

That triangle quilt, as my friend puts it, sucks up alot of fabric. Because it is a scrap quilt, I couldn't have toooooo many of one fabric in it and had already run through all of my homespuns. Some twice! That required more shopping! (when this quilt is finished I will have only scraps left in homespuns and homespun-like materials)

In order to make pillow cases on retreat, I needed to get solids to go in the little flange. Naturally, I didn't have the right colors AND Hancocks had 50% off of Kona Cotton.......It required more shopping!

In all fairness to my buying binge this week, all of the fabrics I bought for the king quilt have been turned into triangles with the leftovers waiting to be turned into proper sized scraps. (another retreat project) The solids are readied for pillowcases and the ENTIRE bolt of Kona Ivory is on alert, waiting for the top to be finished. The only thing I bought and added to the stash was a shirting that I know I will be able to use. I left all of the "prettys" at the store.

Soooo, without further ado, my stash reportFabric added this week 24 yds
Fabric used this week 0
Total added YTD 39
Total used YTD 0

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Algebraic Formula

****In true brainiac form, I posted this and the formula didn't come out right. I fixed it now. Plus I had additional examples I forgot to post.

I have discovered that there is a direct relationship between the lightening of my hair and the number of brain cells I have available for use during quilting. My hair color is never the same twice. Miss Clariol and I have a great relationship! My hairdresser makes my color look fabulous! Unfortunately, she doesn't realize that all of those beautiful colors she adds to my hair, cause damage in the quilting room!

Example 1 -I go to the store to buy dark homespuns; specifically 12 inches, 1/3 yd ,of about 5 different fabrics. 1/3 yd will make a perfect amount of strips. No leftovers. No waste, no additional stash. I get to the cutting table, talking all the way, and ask the woman to "cut 12 inches, NO 1/2 yd., no 1/3 yd., no, 1/2 yd. Yeah that's it! I need 1/3." The woman proceeds to cut my fabrics, one layer at a time as she is cutting plaids. She gets half way through and I, still talking, realize, NO I NEED 1/2 yard! Exasperated, the clerk waits on two other poor souls waiting this entire time, and then cuts my additional 6". Whew I think.! I dodged a bullet there. I'd have been SOOO mad had I gotten home and discovered I was 6" short. Except, I got home and discovered that all that extra agony was for nothing!!! I DIDN'T NEED IT! I SET OUT FOR 1/3 YD AND TALKED MYSELF INTO 1/2 YD! This isn't the biggest deal in the world but I am trying to USE up all of my homespuns NOT add to them!!!

Example 2-I have been cutting fabric like a mad woman. I've decided to add one and perhaps two rows to my triangle quilt. That little addition involves cutting a barnload of triangles. To reduce my boredom, I decided to cut (whaaa?????) a novelty will be 8" squares and 4 patches. Now, I'm really in the cutting mode. Cut 6" strips....cut triangle. Cut 6" strips cut triangles. Cut 4" strip, cut squares. Cut 4" strip, cut squares...cut 6"strip, cut triangles......This morning I decided to begin sewing the novelty quilt and I have....I have.....squares! Not looong strips so I can whip this puppy out, but squares! Lots of squares! What the heck????I wanted this thing to be FAST. Now I know that it will still work with squares but good grief!!!!

Example 3 - I use liquid starch. I sprayed all of my homespuns until they were wet, very wet....and my phone...and my iron, and my carpet and my .... There is dried starch EVERYWHERE! I could have just dipped the fabric in starch. But did I? NO!!!!

Example 4 - Cut a 6" strip to make the triangle. Cut a 6" strip to make the triangle. Cut a 6" strip to make the triangle. Cut a 6" strip to make the triangle. Cut a 5 1/2" strip! Cut a 6" strip to make the triangle. Are you kidding me???????

So this morning I came up with the following equation. Unfortunately, it works every time!

work needing finished
relative lightness of hair


time alloted to finish a project = the brainiac quotient!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My unfortunate revelation

I hate borders. Hate, hate HATE! I don't like all the measuring, measuring and measuring only to end up with something less than perfect. I don't like working with such loooonnnng pieces and trying to wrestle everything. I've come to a momentous conclusion.....I have to add borders to my triangle quilt!!! AHHHHH! I DON'T WANNA, I DON'T WANNA, I DON'T WANNA! Now that I've whined.........

The reasoning.

I rarely wash my fabrics. I wasn't thinking when I included a number of flannels in my quilt. I know that they will shrink. I don't want to end up with a quilt that is too short but adding one row may not be enough and two rows too much. Right now the finished top will be 108". I want the quilt to finish closer to 110. One more row at 6" makes 113 and with shrinkage it will be too small (so to speak) So....the only conclusion.....I will add borders to take up the slack of quilting and shrinkage. I say add but I swear I'm going to pay one of my friends to attach the silly things.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Minkee Monday



DH watches the world on tv. Minkee watches the world from the tv....

Design wall

One row on my triangle quilt. To be honest, I needed to check the math and be sure it was right. Unfortunately, it seems it is.....I was trying to avoid cutting soooo many triangles!!!!


This pic is sideways........

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Well, I don't COUNT my stash as busted until it is finished. It's my method. However, that doesn't prevent me from showing how I'm getting to that busted total. Unfortunately, I managed to buy....ALOT yesterday. I am making a super secret sports quilt for DH at retreat. It will be Cleveland Browns on one side and Cleveland Cavaliers on the other. I had the focus prints but nothing to go with them. While we were there, we found birthday fabric that I've been looking for for months. Plus I added a few pieces of homespuns for my triangle quilt. All except the birthday fabric should be cut before retreat and used and finished by the end of the month....(yeah right!) The homespuns have all been cut already.

I need 750 triangles....I have about 520 cut!

Fabric added 15 yds
Fabric used 0
total +15 yds

Friday, January 01, 2010


Lots of questions...

1. Do you use a Reader Service? I have both bloglines and Google reader. Can't decide which I like better. Bloglines is more user friendly. Google Reader more effecient. (Bloglines didn't update at all yesterday until late at night)

2. Are there any New Year Challenges out there? I'm looking for something to challenge me for the year. Haven't decided if Judy's Stashbuster Challenge is it or not. In fact, I don't even know if she is doing it this year.

3.Do you comment? I rarely comment anymore as it is soooo time consuming. However, without comments, how does someone know you are reading? (yes I have a ticker) Comments are like an answer in a conversation and an acknowlegement that someone is out there in blog land. Do you care?


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