Sunday, September 23, 2007

Using the Quilts

I have been waiting since May to use these quilts in my classroom. I thought it would be fun to share the pictures.
This is looking towards my "back door."

This is one wall. It looks kinda sparse in this picture!

The aleph-bet (alphabet) quilt was made by Ms. CalicoCat, Amy. It is a perfect addition to my classroom!
The goal I have in mind with my new job is to create a classroom that is warm and homey. The most exciting thing is that THAT is the exact feeling I must be creating because it is the feedback I'm getting from other employees and parents. It is so rewarding to actually be accomplishing a goal! We have off duty policemen on campus during our school day. They come in to my room, have a seat in the rocking chair and just hang out....during classtime or not during classtime. It is particularly rewarding because they have no real stake in our school. They obviously feel comfortable. They are also learning a bit about Judaism which helps to promote tolerance (this is a big, big part of our school), knowledge and just basic understanding of another culture. The problem is that after the next week or so, I have no new quilts to display! I'm going to need to get busy!!

It's funny, I really miss "visiting" with all of you in blogland but for some reason am not getting to the computer like I used to. I know I will be back and in full swing soon, I just am not there yet. I do have a few more pictures to show....other banners I've created and an almost finished anniversary quilt top for Mrs. S. After that I'll need to move so I'll have quilty things to share. I do seem to go through this phase of non-sewing every few years.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weight Check In

Well, I'm still here...still trying to lose weight. I seem to be at a plateau. I've been messing around with 3-4 lbs. I gain them, I lose them....never getting under that evasive number I'm trying to get under. I keep exercising. I'm not complaining. I lost a lot quickly and this is the plateau I always reach. I would just love once to get below it before I get discouraged. On the plus side.....I bought a size 14 jean and a 12 skirt!(I'm sure the skirt is mismarked but I'll take it!) I came out this morning in my "skinny jeans" and DH said "hubba, hubba!" GRIN!!!!! That makes eating sawdust and paper a bit easier for today. (Whenever people ask how I've lost weight I tell them I eat sawdust and paper. One guy wanted to know what that was! I looked at him like he was nuts. "Sawdust! You know. Wood. Sawdust!" He thought it was some special type of diet food!!!!! Obviously someone that has never fought a weight battle in their life!)
It doesn't help that I've made 4 honey cakes ....................
and at least a million challah (bread) over the past few days!
I haven't eaten any of the challah but had to take a bite of the was the first time I'd made the recipe. Al I can say is mmmm...mmm....mmmmm..............

Quilting......uhm..........I'm trying to get DD anniversary quilt done. I'll get there but it's slow going. It's even a simple, simple pattern. I just can't get to it right now. I've been running full out since school started. I thought I'd gotten organized for my new job but realized...NO, I'm not organized at all. Eventually, things will slow down, the Jewish holidays will be over and life will take on a slower pace. I am excited though because all of the fruits and veggis I made earlier this summer are ready and waiting to be hung in my room.
Last but not least...this is too cool. I'm listening to local radio on the computer while I'm posting. TOO cool. Love the age we live in!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do you know?

Why the pictures I've uploaded to blogger lately cannot be enlarged by clicking on them? Is there a setting I need to change? Is it coming from my computer??? Anyone know?

What I did this summer

Not much in the way of quilting. I did however finish a few of the many banners I need to create for school. I am trying to create excitement for my job. I teach at the Jewish Community Center and my class is called L'Dor V'Dor. L'Dor V'Dor is a hebrew phrase that means From Generation to Generation. I teach the Jewish Holidays and Traditions. . As opposed to having my own class, I see all of the students in the school each week. The only difficulty, is that I am teaching to 95% non Jewish children. So it is challenging because to most of the children (and parents) the words are strange and the holidays and traditions unfamiliar. So as a way to announce holidays and increase interest in whay I do in my classroom, I created these banners. The first is outside my room at all times. (my entrance is obscure so I am hoping that the banner will entice parents to come and see what I do).

The second is changeable.
As the holidays approach, I will change out the banner. Each Friday I will put out the "Shabbat" (hebrew for sabbath) banner. I hope that these hold up. I found the vinyl on sale at Joanns but fused and appliqued regular cotton fabric on top. I think that if I take them down over weekends, and treat them kindly, they may last for a few years. After all, other than the L'Dor V'Dor banner, they won't be outside for long periods of time. After the first week of school I received NO COMMENTS on my banners! URGH!!!! Oh well, given time, I hope that both the staff, parents and children begin to notice. If not......I'll keep on doing it anyway! You never know who notices but doesn't make a comment. Now, I'd really better get sewing as I have nothing quilty left to post about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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