Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall

Finally, finally finsished!!! Yippee, Yappee, Yahoooeee!!!! This has been languishing in my UFO box for almost 2 years. DH COULD. NOT. start the new football season with a golf quilt on the back of his chair now could he?? Now he has a Cleveland Cavs quilt and a Cleveland Browns and a generic golf quilt ready to adorn the back of his chair during the appropriate season! Perhaps this will help the final score for our Ohio teams????

This will have to qualify as my design wall as I finished it last night and my wall is now empty!!!

2011-08-28 20.00.29 What's that strip at the top of the quilt you ask? Why it's the only piece of paw print fabric I own....hence, it's the dog pound....or if you are a Browns fan and get the reference, it's the dawg pound!!!! It cracks me up!!! (in case you are not a football fan, the dog pound is the area under the end zone at the stadium.)

2011-08-28 20.00.09

2011-08-28 20.01.54

Some poor color shots but you can kinda see the quilting. I used a panto called popcorn and I love it!

2011-08-28 20.01.33

2011-08-28 20.01.22

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stash Report/UFO challenge

I've lost track of my stash! I forgot about keeping track during June and July...well and August. To be honest, I haven't been to quilt shops (other then one weekend), Joanns or Hobby Lobby & Hancocks. To the best of my recollection, I bought a few yards of fabric that one weekend. Plus, Ms. CCCat found a great sale last weekend (every time she leaves town, I spend money!) on Saggy Baggy Elephant fabric! Cute! And someday I'll make something with all the author and book fabrics I've collected.

Today we had a one day retreat and I cut and pinned 6 0r 8 pillowcases, got half done on a binding and will soon work on an embroidery. The quilt and embroidery are UFO's. I'm behind by two months but plan on catching up by the end of this week!

Because I don't count fabric out until something is finished, finished, I can't count any fabric going out! PHOO! That means that my final stash count will be in the plus but I'm not worried. I'll have a quilt and a bunch of pillowcases in the out column next week!

Used this period: 00
Used year to Date: 59
Added this Week: 8
Added Year to Date: 109.5
Ahead or behind 2011: +50.5 ...therefore behind

Thursday, August 25, 2011

UFO workings UFO for Aug is now quilted....can I finish the binding????? Having a one day retreat this weekend so it just might happen......

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Minkee Monday

I was trying to sew...Ms. Minkee had other ideas! You must scroll to the last picture as it is hysterical!!!

2011-06-12 21.18.37

2011-06-12 21.22.05

2011-06-12 21.22.33

2011-06-12 21.23.24

2011-06-12 21.23.50

2011-06-12 21.20.50

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello, Shalom, Hola!

It seems fairly obvious that I am no longer sure about blogging. I love the idea of it....but the actual execution....It is soooo time consuming to edit pics and all. I am going to hang in here a bit longer but bear with me...if you are still out there... I've been filling my time elsewhere. How do you find time to post, read, comment ect......I don't have kids and it's just DH and I so that isn't the problem. It's just so much time on the computer. I have that I accomplish much more without the blogging but I miss it......So how do you do it?

On the quilty front....

I made this sign for school. I teach a class we call L'dor V'dor. In hebrew that means from generation to generation. I teach Jewish customs, traditions and holidays.

I have been wanting to make this sign ever since I bought this book by Atkinsons Designs.

Number one. I hate my sign. The kids will probably like it but....icky, icky on my part. Number 2, I didn't want to sew so I used the old paint around the edges technique. ICK. Number 3, The idea was to make it reversible because I am also the librarian. I painstakingly fused and cut the letters for LDOR VDOR and LIBRARY. I fused, painted, bejeweled, and decorated both sides. YEAH it was done. AHEM....I strung the letters on the rod. L-d-o-r-V-d-o-r. I turned the rod around expecting to see L-i-b-r-a-r-y. Instead I saw y-r-a-r-b-i-L!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! To add insult to injury, I can't even find a place to hang the riffin' raffin' thing!!!!!!

Here is a close up of a couple letters.


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