Friday, February 29, 2008

Sheesh! Where have I been?

I have no idea what I've been doing for the last 9 days but obviously it isn't blogging! My "backside" funk seems to have filtered into other areas of my life but I am continuing to fight back. Tomorrow I will post the dismal "state of my backside," good, bad or ugly!!!!

I've been tagged! Whenever someone tags me I feel like a queen for the day! As Mrs. S would say, "I feel all special inside." I've been tagged by Nana's Quilts to do the "Weird and Random" meme.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

I know I'm weird, my kids tell me so all the time...Every once in a while one of them will call me to say, " I know that I am your daughter because I am as weird as you are. (Wow! what a compliment!) I did such&such today and it is something you would do."

1. I never willingly listened to country music. As a matter of fact, other than Jewish music I rarely, if ever listened to music. Something snapped in me this summer.....I am always listening to country music, have an mp3 player stuffed with music and watch country music videos while quilting. (as a matter of fact, I have DH listening to the country channel and we are going to see Rodney Atkins tonight in concert!)

2. I rarely, rarely ever had an alchoholic drink. I'd have the obligitory wine at holidays but that was about it. Now we go out dancing 1-3 X/ week. Depending whether it's a lesson or going out, I have a drink....or two. ...which leads me to #3

3. I began dancing. Once again, something I'd never done before. I'd never danced (two step, polka, waltz and definately not tejano). I'd taken many dance lessons as a kid and as a teenager was always "fast dancing," but not this honkey tonk type stuff! But it is a total blast! Our girls say "Ohhh don't call Mom & Dad, they're going out "clubbin'." Well, they also say we do the equivilent of going out for a senior citizen dinner when we go dancing. Whereas Grandma Lil goes out for dinner at 4:00, we go dancing at 8:00. 8:00 !!! They crack up! "Sheesh Mom, that must be the time the senior citizens go out clubbin'!" Then they call each other and die laughing that about #1, 2 & 3. Like I'm 192 years old!!!!! Between numbers 1-3, DH is certain that I've flipped my wig! Fortunately, he has been willing to travel this weird and out of character road with me and we are having the time of our lives. He keeps saying, "You are a totally differant person!" and "Who are you??" It's good. It's all good!

4. I make up songs. I can take a tune (usually one in my head that noone else is listening to) and add words that relate to whatever is going on. I never really think about the words, they just come out. Like if "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was running through my head I may break into song and sing....Morah likes to go dancing, go dancing, go dancing, Morah likes to go dancing though DH thinks she's weird. Really poor example but there is nothing running through my head right now.

5. I'm very flexible. I can do splits on both sides. Whenever I'm in class and we do stretching that invlolves splits, the sweet young thing leading the class is always surprised. I can also sit with my legs out and lay my forehead on the ground. Yeah I know, both terribly useful. As a kid I was in acrobat class (now known as tumbling or gymnastics). All the girls could do headstand....not me. Finally, they figured out I could do a straddle split (center split) and had me do that while the rest were doing their headstands (if that isn't a random fact about me, I don't know what is!!!)

6. I like mustard on potato chips...well perhaps I should say liked since I can never eat chips again in my fat life!!!! LOL!! At JCC camp, we always had hot dogs and chips on Friday. They served them with mustard and we dipped our chips in the mustard. YUM!

7. I am not afraid to get up in front of an assembly and sing (I'm NOT a good singer. I'm just not afraid to do it. Trust me, tunes are arbitrary with me), dance (as in silly dance to a childs song), and act goofey. I lead our school assembly every Friday and although it is mostly children we have many adults join us. I think the most embarrasing time though was a few weeks ago. We had our "Donuts with Dad" and I forgot about it. I had planned this song that involved alot of wiggling and shaking both on my part and the childrens. When I remembered that it was Donuts with Dad I nearly died but ....Oh well! I'm there for the children and although it was a bit embarrassing to be shaking my bootie in front of all those dads, we all lived through it! Funny thing is, if I act all embarrassed and uncomfortable so do the other adults. When I act silly and not be embarrassed to do a wiggle, they begin to join in and have fun right along with me!

So there you have it. Weird and Random. If you ask Mrs. S and Ms. A they would say that is my middle name!!

I tag



Sorry, I can only come up with three right now....I'm off to stand and wait for the concert to begin!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

State of our Backsides...

I am moving this to Saturday. The way I keep track of my exercise makes it tough to report on Weds. A mini report today. I met my goal of 4 days of exercise. Plus I danced 2x. WHOO HOO! Golds Gym is kicking my butt right now. I have fallen out of shape (it happens so quickly) and I'm playing catch up! Everything hurts except my toenail on the fourth toe on my left foot! struggling!!!!! I'll get there. I'll just keep FAKIN' IT TILL I MAKE IT!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally a finish!

This is a version of the Jolly Jingle table runner that I'm not ashamed to post. That other one was just hideous! Mrs. S feels certain that she got the better end of the deal by waiting for this one! I actually saw the ugly one on Ms. A's table and it didn't look TOO bad! This one is much prettier though!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stashbusting....ok my version!

I've decided to NOT beat myself up over any purchases but at the same time try to restrict what is bought. Make sense? Last week I didn't report because I was out of town. My two week report is this.....I bought one yard of light fabric, I'm always lacking in that department, 1/2 yard of 6 pointed stars, I never pass a six pointed star type fabric up. These fabrics have no use.......bad purchase!!!!! Stash filler!!! (the top one is the one I bought and the bottom was sent to me by a friend. I love them both)
This week I also bought 4 fq to go with a purse pattern I am making. I had no match for the focus fabric I am using. Plus I bought fabric for charity quilts. (I willl not count this fabric as it comes in my house and immediately leaves.) Both of these fabrics have a use and are NOT bad purchases!!!
I finished a table runner this weekend. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I didn't realize& a question

I didn't realize that I'd made so many things. I forgot about some of this stuff! This baby quilt...well, I don't really remember making it! I do believe it's from a pattern on Quiltville......Wait! Yes it is! I think it's even posted on her site. These are pictures of the front and back of the quilt.

Baby Quilt

Baby quilt back

I love all things snowman. I made this a few years ago. It hangs year round in my foyer.
All Flakes Welcome
Again with the snowmen.........I know that those of you not in south Texas are sick to death of snow. I get sick of 85 degree weather and miss the snow and hot chocolate!
Liberty pillow

pillow back

Does anyone with multiple blogs know how to send something from another source, like webshots, to one or the other of their blogs....I mean how can I choose? Right now, if I send something from webshots, it only goes to my family blog. I then need to cut it from there and add it here. I cannot get it to come here directly. Is it because the other is first alphabetically?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The State of our Backsides

It seems the state of my backside is shame. I was in a mood last week and a bit snippy in my post concerning the apparent lack of interest. OH my face is red with shame! I received a few "but I'm still here!" type messages. I apologize!!!!! I never intended to make anyone feel bad. I am just struggling so much right now that I was (in true form, one of my traits that I absolutely hate!) hollering at everyone else because I was mad at myself. It is exciting to know that there are others out there plugging away at this. I would love to see each of us post on this on a weekly basis. I find it very inspiring to read others successes and struggles. It makes me feel not so alone in this constant weight/exercise battle. I'm sure it does the same for others. Let me know if you would like me to continue with the Mr. Linky thingy. I've not done it this week. Just leave a comment and I'll do whatever is most popular....Mr. Linky or no Mr. Linky.

So my report is this....My weight loss/exercise is a failure this week. However!!! WHO CARES!!! You see, I'm not a failure, my attempts to continue weight loss are a failure. I am just fine. So my pants aren't fitting nicely because I haven't been exercising. So, I've gained a few pounds. So, we danced last night and my legs are rubber this morning. SO WHAT! I can start again today. That's the beauty of it. I am not a failure! I'm struggling! After a long "conversation" with a dear online friend I am renewed; actually, I'm inspired. I am ready to begin.....again.

MySpace Comments - Attitude
MySpace Layouts - Attitude
Free Comments & Graphics

Last week I exercised 2X and didn't dance on Friday as I went to Austin. (Ohhhh I had delicious toasted cheese samiches and Reeses Pieces sundaes with my girls. It was wonderful! Not the food but the comraderie) My goal this week is to exercise 4 days, dance 2, take my vitamins (they really help me) and drink all the water I am supposed to drink. If weight comes off great. If not, at least I will be back on the right track.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luggage Tags

I WILL CREATE THIS TUTORIAL....I PROMISE! I'M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT. I don't want to manipulate the photos in blogger as then you cannot enlarge them. I'm not going to buy a program just to do it. So....I'm trying to figure it out. Any suggestions?????

Loads of Oldies left.....

Flannel abomination
This is the Abomination quilt. It was just something I put together to use up scraps. It's really as ugly as it looks but it is very funtional.

I made this for a friends granddaughter...

and one of the ones below for her big sister. I don't remember which. I had tons of Mary Englebreit fabric and made 4 or 5 tops from it. I have one left (a UFO) and one unphotographed.



Friday, February 08, 2008

More Past Projects

Because I am saving all of my bloggy posts, and I am using it as a journal for posterity, I am really trying to consolidate all of my photos. You all will need to put up with seeing all of my projects/photos from webshots. It seems I can't get them back on my computer. I don't think anyone will mind a few quilty posts!

pillow frontThis is my one and only attempt at chenille. I really want to do it again. I just haven't gotten around to it. This is after the chenille process.

pillow backThis is what the fabric looked like originally. It is an odd size and I've never filled it with a pillow form!

I love the Art to Heart books. I made one of these for both of my girls and myself.

halloween wall hanging

For a while I was a machine making the pet screen bags. I made around 30 or so. These were a few that I made for myself or family. The top bag is the extra large one. It holds the med. sized cutting mat. I made the straps extra, extra long so that I could carry the bag over my shoulder with the mat.
xlarge bag

two bags Mrs. S and I are off to visit Ms. A in Austin. We are having an all girls weekend. SHould be fun, although it is always so hard on my checkbook!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A liitle of this and that....not quilty

I missed posting about my grandmas 92nd birthday. I am very, very fortunate. I had all 4 of my grandparents in my life until I was 20 years old. My girls both remember my Grandma Bosh(the one I talk to when I sew) but my grandfathers both died before they were born. Grandma Lil turned 92 last week. She is still independent and very much a part of all of our lives. I talk to her at least 3X/week. She used to babysit the girls all the time. They adore their Great Grandma and is probably the biggest reason why they went to visit this past summer. They realize that 92 yrs. old is 92 yrs. old. This is the three of them on her porch swing. The other is at her 90th birthday party. See how short she is? It was such a thrill when we were tall enough to be taller than Grandma! Then our girls played the same game. I'm so glad we have such a generational thing in our family. As I said, we are very, very fortunate.

This picture is a "just because I can picture. " It is of my neice, CheerGirl and myself when we visited in December. Yes, we are in front of a Budweiser sign. No, I'm not going to explain why but the sign was the reason for the picture. All I can say is, if CheerGirls teacher received a description of what all we did together, she would wonder what type of an influence that Aunt M is!!!! LOL!!!! Innocent fun I assure you but part of the list included lunch in a bar, and winning $7.00 playing Tripoly!!!!!(she beat the pants off of my MIL!!! LOL!!!)

Just to be fair, I also have a nephew, SportsBoy but don't yet have permission to post a photo. Another day, another day.

I only wish I lived closer to these guys. Family is what it is all about!!!!!!

The State of our Backsides seems I am the only one willing to report on the state of my backside....WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK.  I noticed that Shelina has been reporting also on her blog.  It makes me sad that noone else is playing along but oh well!  We'll just keep up our reports.  This week has been another tuffie.  I finally, finally am back on track in the food choices department.  Between vacations, retreat and it seems constant illness I've not been making good food choices.  Exercise has been hard also.  This week I've been battling with my sinuses (wonder why huh....It was 87 yesterday and 65 today. ) and haven't been to exercise.  We did however go dancing last night so I got in a bit of movement.  Tonight I'm going to make up for it and hit the gym for both aerobics and weights.  I am sad because the lack of exercise has done two things for me......1.  I lost muscle in my tummy and backside and a skirt that was floating on me refits.  I love the skirt and it really isn't a bigger size or anything, I just liked the idea that it became too big.  2.  I've gained 9 lbs.  DOUBLE YUK!  When you eat low carb and then begin to add too many carbs, weight comes on quickly.  It also goes away quickly if you catch it fast.  So of the 9 lbs, I've already lost 2.  I expect to have the rest off within 2 weeks...OR ELSE!  If you decide to report on the state of your backside, drop me a line and I'll add a link here.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another oldie

Another oldie. Long ago, I made a tiny wall hanging quilt for my dad, that consisted of ice cream cones. The reason for this quilt was because every special occasion in our house warranted going to get ice cream. Have a dance recital, go for ice cream. New car, ice cream. Bored on a Sunday afternoon, "Let's go for a ride." and invariably we ended up getting ice cream. The tradition continued when my girls were little. My dad took them out for ice cream all the time. The only difference was that there was a new ice cream stand and they always put candy eyes on the cones. The girls loved going to "The place with eyes." So, this little quilt had 9 or 12 different ice cream cones with eyes. Plus in the border, I used my fancy new machine (this was at least 15 yrs, ago.) to write the reasons why we went for ice cream and the various places we used to go. It was very cute. This is one of the leftover blocks that I had for years! I used it to make a cup cover for one of the girls.

(As long as I told this story, I figured I'd post a photo of the girls and my dad this past summer. They still insist on make a stop at "the place with eyes," whenever they go "home." Look how happy their faces are, even at their "advanced" ages. Believe it or not, that is about as wide as my dad ever smiles in a picture. He is fairly giddy in that shot!!!)

If this works, I will have proven the fact that I can indeed post from e-mail and the chances of a luggage tag tutorial have increased a thousand fold! It e-mailed the text but not the photos....any ideas on how to do this? I need to be able to e-mail the photos directly.

Oldie but goodie

half log heartA few years ago, I uploaded quite a number of photos to my webshots account. It is nearly impossible to get them back onto my computer. This is a pillow I made a few years ago for Valentines Day. Hopefully, I'll be able to share more of my webshots stuff. I really like blogging. It keeps pictures and words in one place! (I lost all my pictures when my old computer crashed.)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What I don't want to admit

I've begun to be a tracker...I've tracked my exercise since the beginning of the year. No problem. I've tracked my quilting spending and projects started vs. completed...........

.....................B-I-G S-I-L-E-N-C-E.........................................................................

I spent a small fortune this month on a hobby! Imagine what I might have spent had I not been tracking? Remember I found that big sale at Hobby Lobby and bought a load of fabric for backs for king sized quilts and such? I alos bought 5 yards for my secret sister and 2 .5 for charity. I bought tools, a few patterns and a travel sewing machine. (all during retreat) All in all the total is ....well, embarrassing. On the one hand, I am glad that I tracked my spending because I had no idea it was as bad as this. On the other hand....what glutonny! ( I sound like Tevyeh in Fiddler on the Rood, "On the other hand..") So here is my "Lack of Stashbusting in January" report.

82.5 yards purchased
*5 yards for secret sister
*2.5 for charity
-21.33 yards used


Zipper Pouch
Coasters set
Fleece Throw
Fleece "scarf"
Boot Quilt
Charity String-group effort
Charity String-strips & strings
Flag wall hang
Jolly Jingle Table runner - floral

Of these items, 5 are UFO's with 2 being charity group projects that were mine to finish. I didn't count the two charity quilts in my fabric "out" totals.

Do I get kicked off the no buy island??? "On the other hand," life goes on and now I know. Like I tell my kids, the problem comes in if you don't learn and adjust to the things you learn.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm having a day..... know the kind. It's the one that makes you want to go outside in the backyard and eat worms. The selfish, kinda day that you lie around feeling useless and unloved...for no real good reason at all. That little fact however doesn't change the fact that you are having a day. <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>> I hate this kind of day. It is uncalled for, self indulgent and undignified but...... I can't seem to put an end to the pity party today. YUKKO. Maybe going out dancing with DH tonight will help.....If I can make myself feel pretty enough.....OH PHOOEY! Thank goodness this doesn't happen very often because I hate these kind of days!


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