Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gosh & golly

I've been busy! I'm getting ready for a big party at school and the details are killing me. Plus, I always need to reinvent the wheel. I make myself crazy!

On the cold guys need not worry! We rarely turn our heat on. Usually I spend such a short time in the house that it doesn't seem worth the energy used. Sleeping, you're under blankets (actually, I've found myself on top of the blankets the last few nights) and the rest of the time ....put on a sweater! My in laws live in Ohio and keep their heat at 65 or so. Besides, by the time the furnace gets reved up, the weather has changed and it's time to go back to air conditioning!!!

I can't sew too much for the next few days because I'm overwhelmed with "stuff." but love reading what all of you are doing and working on. Just think, by next Friday, my whirlwind of activity will be over.....AH!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I don't wanna!

I don't want to exercise! No, I'm not dreading the sweat or muscle fatigue. I don't want to change clothes! It's cold in here and brrr! Now don't take this as a complaint. I love it cold. I get to wear my "uniform" and cuddle under the blankets. This time of year a girl could get whiplash switching between air conditioning and heat. We opt to do neither so freeze or sweat accordingly. Showering this morning was a testament to our fortitude! This is what our thermostat read....

Needless to say, it was a fast shower! It's just that the idea of taking off this sweatshirt for even a moment is painful! LOL! It's only cold in my head right now!!! SIGH! I suppose I'd better move before I decide to wimp!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday stashbusting

Got in just under the wire's still Sunday but not for much longer. It feels so good to be finally sewing again. Putting the anniversary quilt in a bag was just what I needed to get going. I also did something else. I've given myself permission to NOT make holiday gifts this year. If I end up with a few, so be it. If not, life will go on. I was out of the quilting mood for so long that to try to catch up now would be silly. So after I spent 6 hours on schoolwork (good thing I get such an incredible salary that compensates for my working on my own time, on a Sunday......ROFL!), I made luggage tags. As I said in my post a few days ago, they don'tbust alot of stash but fabric off the shelf is fabric off the shelf. This is as far as I got before I just got plain tired.
All they need now is turned and finished. I also cut out two aprons from some $1.00/yd denim that I just had to own......2 yrs. ago! 1 1/3 yds / each one and I still have leftovers!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh Bother! Quilt Happenings! Pay it Forward!


I've been trying to get this %**&%$ weight off and can't! I go up a lb. down a lb. but never under 165. URH! How can I go to Ohio in Dec. and eat Pizza Oven PIZZA AND CHICKEN if I don't at least lose 5 more lbs!?!?!? Bother, Bother, BOTHER! I exercise, eat sensible.....Thanksgiving didn't blow the diet out of the water.....BOTHER! I exercise at the gym a minimum of 4 days a week (it's actually more like 5 days), dance 3 nights a week,+ regular life. You'd think with the size of my backside & the amount of physical activity that the weight would be hittin' the floor behind me!


I've been sewing! YEe Ha! I'm busting stash. Well, my luggage tags aren't that big so stash busting wouldn't be an accurate term. More like stash tickling. But off the shelf and in a project is off the shelf and in a project. These luggage tags are great for hanging on sewing machines, notions boxes (we all have the same tool boxes to carry our supplies. Sometimes it gets confusing), backpacks. They are too easy and too cute. I need to go to Joanns today to get some notions. The biggest problem I will have is NOT buying some cute male type conversation prints. I can do this.


I have accepted the challenge from Ms. ATET of Quilting in Cornfields. Sure I'm a little slower to take up this challenge then others but I finally have a good PIF project. Here is how it works. The first 3 to post a comment and express an interest in PIF will receive a homemade gift from me. More specifically, a luggage tag. I promise to have them made and mailed in the next 90 days. (But in case you ask...noone gets the naked cowboy tag! He's all mine!) There is only one catch , You have to continue to Pay It Forward by offering the same deal on your own blog.

Luggage Tags

We made luggage tags at our annual guild event. It is a make and take evening. The tags we made were the size of the ones pictured but all personal information was exposed. I adapted the pattern so the info would be on the inside. Here are two of them closed.... Here they are opened. A business card fits in the clear vinyl pouch.
Can you guess which one is mine and which one is DH's???
Here it is completely the outside.
This is a closeup of the inside.
Fun, fast, easy and I only needed to throw away 2 prototypes. Of course, after that it took three more "not so good looking" tags to get the pattern down right. But, I'm there now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's cold here!

Take a look at my weather pixie. She is finally DRESSED! I was very worried about her peeling off layer after layer this summer. She didn't have much left to peel at 96 degrees. It was a nervous time for the poor girl when the temps threatened to hit 100! But today...ah! All of you north of here probably don't get why DH and I do a happy dance when the temps are cold (now don't laugh at my definition of cold. It's all realative. Cold in south Texas is a different definition then cold in NE Ohio) Being transplanted Ohioians, we miss the cold and snow. When the weatherman tells us it's to be cold, dreary and overcast the next day, we smile and wait in breathless anticipation. Then when it is cold, we put on our sweat shirts, open the doors and happily shiver. It was bliss last night to sleep under the blankets instead of on top of them. It is windy (yeah!) cold, (yeah) nasty, (yeah) cloudy, (double yeah) and not a speck of sunshine in sight! My FAVORITE kind of day! It's 48 degrees. (Weds. it was 87) I get to wear my "uniform" today. Many years ago, the first time DH went to Alaska, he bought me a sweatshirt. I wore that thing on a daily basis. He began to call it my uniform. When I stopped wearing it he was quite concerned. I had stained it and could no longer wear it out of the house. The last time he went to Alaska was earlier this year. He covered his bases and bought me two new uniforms. I've not worn them since. He keeps asking, "when are you going to wear your uniform.? Today is the day! I'm all snuggled in my Prudhoe Bay sweatshirt, and ready to take on the day! WHOOHOO! I'm in bliss, sheer bliss!

Ya' know the luggage tags I've been threatening to work on all week? Well, yesterday I finally adapted the pattern and began the work. Then DH went off his rocker at 7:30 last night and suggested we go out dancing. What's a girl to do I ask? Turn down a date with DH to dance (key here is his suggestion, not mine! ) for a date with a Janome 6600? I think not! So we went dancing. It was fun because it wasn't so crowded and our terrible dance moves went much better (translation, we didn't knock anyone over on the dance floor!) Plus we worked off just a bit of the turkey, ect, from the past two days. I'm off today to finish the luggage tags, make a few aprons and hopefully post a picture.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today is Thanksgiving....

In our house that is. So.....I'm off to cook. Anymore, I totally dislike the whole process. I used to enjoy cooking but it has become such a chore the last few years. Here is our low carb (DH & I), Weight Watchers (Mrs. S) and "I can eat anything in the world because I am so skinny" (Mr. FancyPants) menu

Low Carb Stuffing -this has the potential to be horrible....
Regular stuffing
green bean casserole-the low carb way
mushrooms-sauted with onion & wine
spinach salad with savory spiced nuts, dried unsweetened cranberries, and vegis.
homemade raspberry vinegarette - has potential as used Toriani sugar free syrup instead of raspberries
.......And the PIECE D" RESISTANCE ( yeah, I'm intentionally spelling it all wrong in a funny attempt to cover the fact that I know what I want to say but have no idea how to spell it)......
Sugar free pumpkin pie &
Mrs. S's homemade sugar free-low carb pumpkin ice cream....YUM!!!!

We are all (with the exception of Mr. FancyPants) trying to lose weight before we go visit family. Mrs. S & I have lost over 50lbs. DH has lost 20. Mr. Fancypants needs to GAIN 20! So, we decided that cheating on Thanksgiving was not an option. THe meal may be bigger than usual but it is within our individual "diets." You just can't use every holiday, birthday, special occasion as an excuse to cheat or you'll never acheive your goals. We still have to get through potato laktas at Hanukkah, eating at Grandma Lil's house, MIL & SIL's houses. It will be harder to manage being in our hometown and being strong then not cheating on Thanksgiving. Our ultimate cheat though......We want Pizza Oven pizza, broasted chicken and potatos when we are in Ohio. We love it so much that last year when I went to Ohio, I took pictures of myself with the pizza box to taunt DH!

No goal list today......cook, clean and workout. That will be my day.

Yesterdays goals
1. Grocery shop for Thanksgiving
2. Pre-prepare many of the dishes.....
3. Workout
4. Dance lesson
5. cut luggage tags....I'll get there one of these days

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Movin' Along

TADA!!!!!!! I have decided to quilt these and add the paint to hold the appliques in place. I nearly threw them away trying to applique through the heavy duty wonder under. To add insult to injury, they are not staying down too well as I didn't wash the fabric before I began. These have been in the drawer for a year now.

I made two this color...One, the quilting is simple meandering and looks good..... (double click to see my l-o-v-e-l-y quilting.)
The other I got fancy and do feathers. The feathers aren't bad. I made a poor choice in the style of meandering around the feathers and it looks messy.

I quilted simple loops on this one.
I put the finishing touches on these. They've been in the drawer since April. They have curly wild hair like me!


1. Workout (DH insisted that since I was not feeling well, it wasn't' smart to go....that's my story
and I'm sticking to it!)
2. Pay Bills
3. Finish the last two table runners
4. General clean up
5. Choose fabrics for purses (I started but by the time I got there I was so crud infested I
didn't care too much)
6. Cut luggage tags
7. Finish the laundry


1. Grocery shop for Thanksgiving
2. Pre-prepare many of the dishes.....we are eating tomorrow night instead of Thursday. It's
Mrs. S year to go to her in-laws so we are eating together tomorrow night. That will leave a
relaxing leftover Thursday for us.
3. Workout - no wimping today even if I do have the creepin' crud
4. Dance lesson tonight-this is where my extra interest has been lately. One of these days I'll
blog about it. I just haven't been blogging about quilting enough and feel like I need to do that
5. cut luggage tags....I'll get there one of these days

Monday, November 19, 2007

Best laid plans

I started out great yesterday. My body had different plans. I've been working at getting sick over the past number of days. I successfully held it off until yesterday. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. I was determined NOT to go exercise until I had a gentle reminder (in the form of an "ata-girl" comment) from Susan. I went and exercised but it didn't help. This morning...UGH! My throat hurts and feels swollen. I'm so glad I don't have to work this week. This feels like one of those illnesses that will land me in the Doctors office by Weds. SLow to make a home in my body....long to linger.

On the plus side my goals for yesterday
  • Workout

  • 2. Make 4 luggage tags - didn't do BUT DID quilt one table runner! WHOOOHOOO
    3. Choose fabrics for purses and fuse DecorBond - found the DecorBond......
  • Clean up for 10 mins. in Dining Room aka computer junk room

  • 5. Laundry.... not much there - did some but didn't finish

    No picture on the quilted table runner....I need to finish the last two first. Hopefully tomorrow.......

    So here are the goals for today......I'll try but there is no guarentee. My body is in mutany mode!

    1. Workout
    2. Pay Bills
    3. Finish the last two table runners
    4. General clean up
    5. Choose fabrics for purses
    6. Cut luggage tags
    7. Finish the laundry

    I'm off to medicate....Don't tell my grandma. She gets mad when we don't allow ourselves to be sick. If you see her, just tell her I'm fine. I know I'm going to tell her just that!

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Clean at last

    Neatness is NEVER underrated! I finished cleaning...rejoined Flylady and am off and running...literally!

    Todays goals...

    1. Workout

    2. Make 4 luggage tags

    3. Choose fabrics for purses and fuse DecorBond

    4. Clean up for 10 mins. in Dining Room aka computer junk room

    5. Laundry.... not much there


    Stash! UFO's! Books, Magazines,Patterns! Great Ideas! Translation? I have too much fabric, too many magazines, books, ideas....too, too, much! It is becoming overwhelming. It's no great secret that I've been slacking in the quilting department lately. Why? Could it be my interests are changing? I don't think so. I am feeling totally and completely overwhelmed by my sewing room! I walk in there.... well, first of all it is a mess. So last night I began to clean. This is how it looked when I remembered to take a picture. What I've been looking at when I go into my room, combined with increased interest in other areas has led to this horrific MESS!
    So I began to clean. And stew. And get angry at my self. And wonder why I have so much stuff. I love this hobby of mine. I really do. I love creating. I love the feel of the fabric; the possibilities in every book, fat quarter and piece of trim not only in my room but in every quilt shop and fabric store. AHA! Therein lies the problem! I love the possibilites! I love the dream! Sure, I like to actually DO a project or two but the dream! AH, the dream! It's like dreaming of being a size 5 or being tall. It's like thinking what would I do if I won the lottery. It's that magical dream of a beautiful completed project. The thrill of buying the fabric and the possibilities within the new magazine. The problem is, there is always a bigger and better dream around the corner. So, we buy the dream faster then we live the reality! I have patterns that I've been dying to do.....for YEARS and years! The same patterns. I look at them and LONG to get them done. I can't though because I've got this unfinished project or that unfinished project that must be finished before I can start. Then, a new dream enters the picture and off I go again. Sometimes I can live with this and sometimes, like recently, it becomes overwhelming and paralyzing.

    To be very specifiic, I HATE borders. I can't move on and finish anything else until I get one border on one quilt. I've been stuck here for months. Then I look around and see sooooo much stuff. It's embarrassing. So much gluttonly. There are people fighting to survive and I have a mini Joanns in my house! It wouldn't be so bad but I'm not using it. It sits. It waits. It collects dust. It becomes a junk room. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

    So I am cleaning up the mess. Literally and figuratively. I went to a quilt shop yesterday and what did I buy? Exactly what I went in for. Yeah me! I needed an Ultra Glide foot and that's what I bought. Oh I had fat quarters in my hand. I put them back. I had a bolt. I put it back. I did buy one impulse pattern. I will use it this week. I used to belong to stashbusters but I barely have time to maintain my blog let alone that busy online group.

    Sooooooo......what is the answer? How do I stay strong? Here is my tactic.

    1. Rejoin Flylady....When I am this out of control all I need to do is look around and see that

    other areas are also out of control. I don't actually read much of anything

    flylady sends. It's too preachy for me but it reminds me to do

    something. I see her emails and it gets me off my duff to clean up

    something or maintain something. Her basic premise is all I need.....Get

    going and do something. Keep it clean and neat.

    2. Try that 15 minutes in the sewing room thing.

    3. Talk to Mrs. S. Explain about the whole borders thing and put her anniversary quilt away

    for a short time until I can face it. It still needs to be finished within a month or so but this

    way I can move on and not feel guilty.

    3. Keep the checkbook in the wallet.

    Judy L coincidentally has written recently about the same issue. She said to me "I am beginning to see it more as clutter and an obsession rather than "my wonderful stash." She hit it right on the head! Soooo,..... like Judy, I have a new mantra. Mine is Lose to Gain! I'm losing weight to gain physical health. I'm losing fat to gain muscle. I'm losing fabric to gain shelf space. I'm gaining happiness by giving a finished project away. I'm gaining peace of mind by losing (finishing) a project. I'm gaining control by losing the clutter and finishing what I have started. I'm gaining control by not losing my hard earned dollars to sit on the shelf!

    I'm off to start. And clean!

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Let's do it!

    Let's have a November push girls! Let's give it our all and finish a bunch of projects. Whether those projects are gifts, UFO's, Projects in your mind or whatever! Let's get it done. I've been inspired by Stitches in Time . I've been out of it for a while but am ready to get started again. Who's in? Like Ty Pennington of Home Makeover says..."LET'S DO IIIIITTTTTTT!

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Goals for November

    I'm going overboard on the ambition here....
    1. Finish and quilt Mrs. S's anniversary quilt
    2. Make luggage tags for all of our family
    3. Finish and quilt Ms. A's quilt
    4. Quilt all Hanukkah table runners

    Now that I've posted this, I have to at least try to live up to it.

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Curby and I

    I thought I might post a picture of the almost new me. It isn't the most attractive of my face ( I hope!) but shows off the bod! I don't normally have my picture taken with a trash can......Curby, the robot trashcan, came to our school to talk about recycling. He joined us for our weekly shabbat celebration....It's such a blast. He dances while we sing songs and joins in on the prayers....very cute. Other than the fact that my "still hanging in there belly" is doing it's job and hanging over my pants, it is a good profile shot. At least it is one that I'm not toooooo ashamed of....Dh said it adds pounds....Hmmmm....think he might be trying to earn brownie points??

    Thank you so much for all the suggestions on how to finish my table runners. Although I've tried to avoid using paint, I may just do that. Quilt the table runner and then add a thin, very thin, bead of paint around the edges. If I use a matching color, it shouldn't be too noticable.
    On the quilting front. I've been doing just that. Well, piecing that is! I'm so thrilled to be productive in the sewing room again. I'm not burning up the thread or anything, but I've been the little engine that could. I do a little and a little more. So much better than just thinking about it.
    Wow! Two posts in as many days.....Bloglines will think I'm ill......

    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Can anyone help?

    If there is anyone still out there reading my blog(I've gotten so bad at posting. I'm just not willing to give it up quite yet because I know I will change again and want to post more often...)I need some help here. I'm desperate for a suggestion. I made 3 table runners last year for Hanukkah. They are still unfinished because thinking that I could skip a step, I used heavy duty wonder under. I've found that I can't get away with with the edges of the applique left unfinished. They look so blah. Now I'm stuck with the riffin' raffin' heavy duty stuff that will gum up my needle. Any ideas of what to do???? I need to finish these fast. Hanukkah is coming and I also need to decorate my classroom. My thoughts are to just outline quilt the children without actually touching the appliques? Do ya' think that will be enough? Not the greatest photos but you get the idea........


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