Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am alive...just not kicking too hard

I feel like I dropped off the face of the earth last week.

Camp - Oh why did I say yes to work all summer? This is haard work! I am scrambling every day and run from the time I hit campus until I come home. Then running all night to make sure we have a great tomorrow. The kids are great I just am not comfortable in this new role. Plus I have to have a new "keep them busy, teach them about Israel" thing to do each day. Not my strongest subject but I am plugging along. We did have a good week and the kids are all running around humming the songs we learned.

Sewing - I suggest you refer first to the above paragraph and then to my June goals and then..... LAUGH! Non-existent machine sewing here. I have been working on a hand project but I will go into that another time.

Personal - I really would rather have raging teenage hormones then these "downhill side of 40" hormones. At least the teenage hormones fire you up. These "downhill side of 40" hormones plunge me into a place that I don't like, which unfortunately seems to be more and more's not pretty and light but dark and self depreciating and almost debilitating. I keep fighting but man, it's hard and not fun. It's really difficult to be fun, uplifting and look at the bright side when you have to fight with yourself so hard. At the same time, I 'm tired of complaining and am willing to fight...if only to make this unpleasant side of me go away.....enough of that. (Hey, as long as I'm wishing, I'd might as well add in be rich, beautiful, thin and talented!!! LOL)

Happy news - Ms. A passed her test and is now a Level 1 Certified Deaf Interpreter.....did I mention, with a job!!!! Whooo Hoooo!

My birthday - hmm...another day, another post.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Useless information

Do you use bloglines?

Did you know that you can create folders to organize your blogs?

Did you know that if you have folders and click on the folder, as opposed to clicking on the + or - to open the folder, you will get ALL of your blogs on one page! You can then scroll through them all at the same time! Too Cool. Now I'm sure you already know this but it sure is news to me and very handy!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A bit of this & that

I've been busy. I finished these two UFO's. Now I know they aren't quilts. However, they have been in the drawer for over a year...= UFO. DONE! I am obsessed with these bowls. Here is my latest finish

I think it came out incredible!! I love the colors and I used up fabric that I had no idea how to use.

These are two cards that friends gave me...My birthday isn't until Sat. but I seem to have been celebrating all week! The photos are a bit blurry

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today was....Great!

So was yesterday.......... I wrote this last night....I walked away from my computer and forgot about it and when I got up this morning, it was still on my computer waiting for me.......My quilting mini group celebrates birthdays with lunch and fat quarters. Could there be anything better? Plus, Monday is our sewing day, AND I didn't have to work because "Schooool's out for SUMMER!" (Imagine Alice Cooper singing here...) AND I was able to sew with them all morning instead of an hour in the afternoon. I have the best friends. Lookee at the wonderful FQ's they gave me.

One friend found this fabric and said I had to own it. No, I am NOT Texan. Yes, I am from Ohio. Cool huh!

Plus, on Sunday I had enough. I decided I'd had enough of reading about these Mother/Daughter quilt outings, quilt marathons, quilt days. I called Mrs. S and told her that since she lived here and not a hundred miles away, she won! What she asked? She won the ultimate prize to spend time with me and part of that included that she HAD TO learn to quilt (because of all the above reasons) and had no excuses since Schoooool's Out For Summer! So Sunday she came over and picked a pattern and fabrics. Today she learned to use the rotary cutter (how far I've come from my threatening her to NEVER TOUCH my rotary cutter or I'd ground her for a month), press not iron, cut her fabrics and then agonized over placement. Funny thing is that after I explained about accuracy ect., I realized that she is making a wonky log cabin table runner. No rules, no accuracy! LOL!

The better picture didn't come batteries died.
Funny thing is when the camera flashed, she sighed and said, "Hhhhhhh.... MOM! I suppose my big butt is going to appear now on your blog!" YUP! Two things about that though. 1) I didn't manage to get her backside in the shot and 2) Her butt is not big! She has lost 60 lbs!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June Goals

I posted May's accomplishments...Here are June goals....lofty to be sure~

1. A UFO to flimsy stage
2. Finish QFAH top & back
3. Make travel bags for all of us
4. Make the back for Ms. A's quilt
5. Attach borders to cowboy quilt
6. Make back for cowboy quilt

1. paint bedroom

Lose some of this weight I've gained and exercise again. My ankle is healing but I am having some other foot issues that are holding me back....BIG, BIG SIGH!

My quilting goals are lofty however I am in a challenge to see who sews the most hours in June! I plan on winning!! LOL!! Watch my list in my sidebar for total hours sewing this month.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Veonica Bag and Wonder Wallet

I had a mission in to start and finish Veronica Bags and Wonder Wallets for the girls and myself. I did it. The bag was easy and the Wonder Wallet was ridiculously easy. Mrs. S., loves her bag but Ms. A hasn't received hers yet. I will not be using mine because although it is cute and all, it's just not the style for me. I didn't realize how small it was. It was fun to do the straight line quilting. I used a fancy stitch on the pink/orange one. I also used my Clover yo-yo maker. ( I really, really didn't understand the point to these things until I used one. It makes absolutely perfect yo-yo's. The gathers are even and they turn out identical to one another. I really do like it now) I think I'll be making more of these in the future!

Mrs. S's bag and wallet & the insides of both. The colors look less true on the individual wallet shots.

This was supposed to be mine. I did a "fancy" stitch on it.

Ms. A's. The colors look better in this picture.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

May Goals

1. bind ME quilt
2. bind anniversary quilt
3. Veronica bags
4. one more UFO to flimsy stage

2 pillow cases
3 wonder wallets (Lazy Girl Designs)
3 wrapped basket
1 luggage tag
two skirts (never mind they fit noone! I finished them)

Wow~ Look what no exercise and no dancing can do for you! If I can get my foot issues (unrelated to the sprained ankle) resolved I would gladly give up quilting productivity!


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