Thursday, December 31, 2009

Citizen's Police Academy

DH and I participated in our city's Citizen Police Academy. It is simply an outreach of the police department. This class is held once a year and we sort of fell into it. There were 24 that started and 18 that finished. It was utterly fascinating! We learned about every facet of the police department. We had informal lectures with the bomb squad, swat, dive team, homicide, drug enforcement, dog team and on and on. The lectures were very informal, informative and filled with visuals. Example, the bomb squad brought their gazzillion dollar vehicle to show us how it works, we went to the crime lab and were shown how various fingerprints are developed and we had a demo by the drug dogs. We were also briefly trained on the guns that the officers in our city use. We then each shot 20 rounds to test our skills. I stink! The culmination of the class was our "graduation." The chief of police was our speaker and we each received a t-shirt and a pin. The pin is the same one the officers receive when they are finished at the academy. It was a great experience. These pics are from our graduation.

DH and I are showing off our new shirts. It seems we are the first class in years to get shirts. We were the 37th class of the Citizens' Police Academy.

Mrs. S joined us for the "graduation."

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Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Plus, I bet it was very interesting to see how things are done.

Happy New Year


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