Monday, October 03, 2011

Twister ruler

LOVE the twister ruler/template! I made this for my sister. It was super fast, fun and simple.

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Elaine Adair said...

I LOVE it also! Do generic instructions for the quilt come with the ruler? Somehow I'm thinking it's difficult to keep it all in order? I know it starts with a basic 4-patch. The result is sure so much MORE than a 4-patch.

Anonymous said...

I like the way that looks. I'll have to look for the ruler thing. I like the quilting, too.

Anonymous said...

I found my ruler! Right where I left it. =)

Elaine Adair said...

When I looked (again) at your project, I am not determined to make this pattern, and I see I've already commented!

Hey, are you planning to make my Rebuilt Log Cabin? I have the Tutorial done! Mine's coming along. Now, I need to get to JoAnns - gotta get this little gadget ruler!

LOVE your quilt - what great colors!

Frederique said...

Wow, great! I love this pattern and your choice of colors also!


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