Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Tea"m JCC! School begins

I had an absolute blast making these little packets for each of the teachers at our school.  The idea started here .  I thought the little homemade sugar cubes were adorable!
After alot of thought, contemplation, pestering my daughter and shopping for a mold, I hit on this great star mold. 

Here are the sugar cubes I made! ( I baked my finished cubes in the oven.  I didn't want them to fall apart! They were fairly sturdy once they cooled).  They were super simple, fast and sooo cute! I added vanilla to the white ones and they smelled (and tasted) delicious.

Now, how to package them... They were too cute to just put into a ziploc bag.  Luckily I had these great bags with a pocket in my stash!


 Honestly I wasn't sure what to do with them from there....Luckily, wee were deep into watching the Olympics and the rest just CLICKED! I had a million tea bags........"Tea"M JCC!  I made made the tea bag wrappers and  filled the little bags ....

.......created a little label and viola! An inexpensive, fairly quick gift to share with the staff at school!

 ( seems my spell checker, my brain, my daughter, my husband and I all cannot spell Olympic correctly! Unfortunately, the bags were made, photographed and distributed ~BEFORE~ I caught the spelling error....SO EMBARRASSING!!) 

Spelling error aside, I loved making and giving these little treats!

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