Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Been wondering

Right now my life is non quilt related. I am in the midst of the frenzy of pre-Passover cleaning. I am no where near as meticulous as many, many others out there, but I do my best. Part of Passover involves ridding your home of those foods and other items that are forbidden. Not only do you need to remove them physically from your home but you need to clean all traces of them away. Put very simply, you don't want any bread crumbs in you cabinets, the creases of your sofa etc. The only way to remove all traces is to clean, clean, clean. I don't know if the concept of spring cleaning is because of Passover or visa versa!!! It always feels so good to get the house clean and fresh. My wrist aches after a good day cleaning but it is worth it.

I've been noticing that many people have multiple blogs. Is this because belonging to a blog ring comes with certain requirements? I mean, if I make 3 non quilt related posts, is that cause for concern? 5? 10? I've realized that I don't have time to maintain contact on two blog rings, let alone maintain two blogs themselves! I suppose if a blog becomes too off track the "ring leader" intervene. I am just in awe that others can manage to maintain two blogs. I seem to have a hard enough time with just one!!

Forgot my camera at work so I can't post pictures........


Kim West said...

i agree - i can barely track all the posts from the multiple rings - much less post to two blogs at once - heck my blog has suffered lately because I am sure noone wants to really hear how I cleaned off the entertainment center... Q4P does not have very strict requirements (and even then I am sometimes lax on enforcing them) so post away.

Paula, the quilter said...

Personally, I don't mind. I also seem to post about knitting and cars. And as the weather warms up I'll probably add some gardening too. Post away!

Linda C said...

I think Judy would prefer that we post, period and keep the blog fairly current rather than have someone going through the ring and that last time you posted was like 2 months ago.

Let's face it---all of our lives are NOT necessarily about quilting all the time. Many do other crafts as well---redwork, knitting socks, making handbags, cooking.

I also think that if someone has a separate blog it is their choice to maintain a bit of separation in their various interests and not necessarily that is a requirement to be all quilty, all the time.

It may state something along those lines in the intro letter for stashquilts.

Susan said...

I think it depends on what rings you join. I keep 2 blogs because the interest groups are actually quite different, and it's easier for me than having a million posts, since I post frequently. Sometimes. =)


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