Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Wishes

I finally finished my brothers birthday banner. Despite MORE machine quilting issues...losing tension and all the gargbage that was wrong with the other's finally finished. I had to get it done today so that I can show it tonight at our guild meeting and mail it tomorrow. I made this banner from shirting...that is from shirts! My brother works in an office and wears button down shirts every day. But on the weekend he rides his motorcycle! I even included a pocket from one of the shirts. We'll call it creativity but in actuality, I needed to get just one more large piece of fabric and this is how I was able to do it. As long as there was a pocket I put pens and pencils in it! All and all I think it turned out nice. It seems hard to believe that my little brother is joining the ranks of the rest of us over 40 crowd! My dad keeps saying "Jeez, I have old kids!" I'm turning over my computer to Best Buy tomorrow and my sewing machine back to the repairman on Thursday. I'm not sure how bad my withdrawal symptoms will be but I expect severe! Hopefully DD computer won't be toooooo slow and I can use it while I visit with her.

Close up of the pocket detail.

Close up on quilting

Brighter shot of the top of the banner


Anonymous said...

These are justamazing...thanks for sharing this with've done a great job...and hey you can also find more wonderful resources and ideas over at my blog on Birthday Celebrations so drop by sometime and check out all that's there!!!

Susan said...

I'm sure your brother loves his birthday quilts. I know that feeling about having old kids! I don't understand how they can be older than I think I am. =)

Unknown said...

This is a very original idea and I like it a lot. The part with the pocket: very funny. Your quilting is beautiful as well. Take care.

Shelina said...

That's a great banner. And so sweet of you to make it for your brother. I wish him a happy birthday as well.
I also hope your computer and sewing machine issues get taken care of smoothly and quickly.


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