Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fat Quarters

If you go back to my very first post, you will see the explanation of why this blog is called Fat Quarters. When I told the story on Stashbusters, someone wrote and told me of a little group they started that was also called Fat Quarters. They put aside one fat quarter for every pound of weight they wanted to lose. As they lost it, they reclaimed their fat quarters. I thought that this was such a good idea that I started a Fat Quarters group in our night guild. The rules are simple. You declare your goal for the month and then "ante up" the same number of fat quarters of fabric. If at the end of the month you lose the amount of your goal, you get to take that number of fat quarters from the stash of fat quarters. In our game you don't necessarily take back your own fabric. I was given money from the group to buy some additional fat quarters to seed the pot. In an effort to be fair to our one and only LQS, I decided to buy an equal number of fat quarters from them and Joann's. Joann's had their fat quarters on sale.
This is what I got from Joann's.....
This is what I got from the LQS.....

For the same amount of money.

My fabric snob pendulum swings between going to Joann's and not going to Joann's. Being a fabric snob and not being a fabric snob. Name brand fabric only, any name fabric. I do think though, we make enough quilts, wall hangings, placemats and on and on, that I am not making an heirloom with every single stitch. "Nuff of that!

I can't wait until the weigh-in in 2 in two weeks to see if I can take any of these. The only problem is that Passover is in between and ugh! Weight loss is not necessarily a by product of Passover food!


Sweet P said...

What a wonderful idea with the FQs. Good luck on your attaining your goals.

I only have one blog. I can't imagine having more than two. I think the blog ring owners are as varied as Yahoo group owners - some require you to stay on topic, some don't.

Susan said...

I think the quality of what you buy is more important than where you buy it.

Bonnie Hunter started a group years ago on yahoo which she called Fat Quarters. It's still going today.


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