Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How exciting!!!

Uhhhmmmm......how did this post???? Look at the date at the top????? Did I lose an entire day during the last hour????????

I received this photo and letter from Maria about the luggage tag tutorial I posted a while back. It's so exciting that others are using what I created. I wish I were more creative as it a certain high knowing that others not only like what I created but want to share it with others. Below is the letter I received along with this great photo.

Hi Morah,
I am a fellow quilter who doesn't have a blog but lurks on other people's :)I loved your luggage tag tutorial and have made a few on my own andfor my church fair. I went on a quilt retreat last week and made afew more and before I knew it I was giving a class in making them (nopayment, just sharing as you did) and this is what everyone made. Afew more were made after this picture was taken and everyone thoughtit was just a great project! Thanks for sharing your idea!
Thanks Maria and friends. You made my day!!


Gina said...

How lovely

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Joyce said...

I've made a few of those luggage tags too and I really like them.

Unknown said...

Hi Morah,

I am one of Maria's friend's who went on the retreat with her. I had fun watching her teach the luggage tags and seeing everyone's creations. I do have a blog. and enjoy seeing tutorials like yours.


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