Sunday, January 25, 2009

Retreat 1

We were on our way!! After meeting at McDonalds for coffee, we headed to Humble, Texas and It's a Stitch. After doing some damage to our checkbooks we headed to Huffman to The Quilt Room. More checkbook damage here however, the girls at this shop were ready for us. They had coffee and cake and more importantly, lots on sale and a discount since there were so many of us at once! They were sooooo nice and since over at I believe Donna, With Needle in Hand is from that neck of the woods, I thought I'd take a photo of the shop and …uhm… well, I forgot her name!!!!!!! Here is the photo of us. See the bag in my hand!!! I bought the cutest fat quarters!

I took this photo so I could show some of the cute things they have in the shop. All the other photos were unflattering pictures of my friends backsides leaning over the cutting table!!!!

Off we went again. We laugh that it is over the river and through the woods to get to the Red Barn Retreat Center. You decide....Here is a shot of us entering the Sam Houston Forest.....

For a while I thought we took a wrong turn. The ROMAN forest??~!!!LOL!

Through more woods. I was trying to capture the feeling of driving with the trees surrounding you but even after many, many pictures, I couldn't' quite get it.

Have you ever wondered where wooden pallets come from? Have you ever seen so many in one place?

I don't know if these are the trees used to make the pallets or the pallets are for transporting trees but there are alot of trees here!

.....and back into the woods!

I took this by hanging my head out of the window like a dog. I musta looked like a nut snapping and snapping pictures!
When we finally arrived at the Red Barn, I forgot to take a picture of the front!!! You'll need to go to their website to see the full view..... I did get the carport, very convenient when to unload when it's raining....
....and the front door....
....and a few of the decorations.......more tomorrow!


Mom IsAmagpie said...

Pretty, pretty I tried to do the whole look at where we're driving pictures. I can NEVER get them right, ever. Your's look a lot better than mine usually do.

Kathy said...

You are making me homesick! I grew up in Humble and have been to Its A Stitch and the Red Barn many, many times!

Looks like ya'll had a great time (I read your posts backwards - LOL)


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