Friday, January 18, 2008


This is my baby. I take good care of it. I clean it and oil it regularly.

This is my sewing room....on a good day. I don't take good care of it. I abuse the counter tops, the floor, the shelves. I do however, no matter how messy, know where things are. I, for the most part, know what I own and exactly where to find it.

This is the coffee we drink in our fancy schmancy coffee pot. We use whole bean and it comes in this really nifty plastic type bag.

This is a kool-aid bag. The pouches are made from the same type material as our coffee bags. I've made plenty of these little purses. AHA!!! In one of my more brilliant moments, I decided that I could make a tote bag from the coffee bags. I've been saving them for about a year now. I have had quite the collection.

This is why I was so, SO annoyed on Sunday when I

  1. decided to clean up the little things hanging over my head. I finally put a label on Mrs. S's chuppah (wedding canopy)

  2. cut out table runners for my upcoming retreat

  3. grabbed the 10 or so coffee bean bags to finally make that tote bag

Why all the lead in. Well, I am not the most patient person. While sewing this little tote together I realized that there were a few coffee beans that I'd sewn inside the bag. Not to worry, I won't hit those beans with my needle........YIKES! I hit a bean. I bent a needle! Put in a new needle and trudge on. This time I hit a really hard corner seam and SCREEEEECH! My machine did that Gatling gun thing. When I tried to run it again I got this noise, this rubbing, grinding type noise. OH NO! WHAT DID I DO! I tried to find the source of the noise and the best I could come up with was the bobbin case. Monday morning, in a panic, I called the closest Janome dealer I'm willing to patronize. My dealer is 3 hours away. I drove 40 mins to the shop, described the problem and went home. The dealer said she thought it was the bobbin case. OH GOODY! I HAVE AN EXTRA BOBBIN CASE AT HOME! Off I trot to find my bobbin case. HEY????WHERE IS THAT THING? I KNOW I have an extra. Now my room didn't look like the above picture all neat and clean. It was a mess, I was working! I went through everything. I KNOW IT'S ON THE SHELF OR AT LEAST IN THE DRAWER ON THE SHELF. No luck. Frustration. FRUSTRATION! I'm going on retreat next week. So what does an impatient, very annoyed and hyper girl do? I tore my room apart! I was convinced it was behind the shelf. I removed everything, broke the shelf in the process and .....NO BOBBIN CASE.

This is the part of the mess I made .....looking for ......

This little tiny thing!

I KNOW IT"S ON THE @*^#$* SHELF! Two days later, I found the *^*&%&% thing. Where? On the shelf, in the drawer......under a package of needles! OMG! It was EXACTLY WHERE I KNEW IT WAS.... where I looked three times BEFORE I destroyed my room.....I just didn't lift that little package of needles.

What did I get from all of this? A much cleaner room. A new respect for my quilt shop owner. She delivered my machine back to me as she needed to come to my town. (BTW, all they did was clean the thing. I must have gotten coffee dust or oils in the machine. I haven't tested yet but they say it's fine.)

I threw away the rest of the coffee bags I had. And I got a brand new trash container..... Obviously, the tote bag idea flew out the window after the Gatling gun sounds. It's not even'll stay that way!


Jen said...

OH Morah! You have me in stitches. You could have inserted my name and it could have happened to me. You tell a good story!!

I had never given a name to that sound our machine makes....I'll be using your term!!

Nana's Quilts said...

It's a really cute idea - perhaps the coffee bean bags just need to hibernate for a while. I do that with searching. This morning I was looking for an only occasionally-used recipe box. I looked and looked. I bent over and thought I looked on the back of the shelf, too. Turns out my dear one came along and there it was. I didn't look FAR enough back. *&*&^%^_)(* Oh well. Cookies will begin shortly.

You'll get the room tidy again!


atet said...

Ok, that sounds like something I would do. On a regular basis! OUCH! Glad your machine is back to normal -- and yeah, I'd have thrown the coffee bags away as well!

Elaine Adair said...

I surely NEVER heard of the Kool Aid purse thingy, nor the coffee bean purse - Blogging is so, so ... educational and worldly! LOL Glad you're back in business.

Susan said...

You make it sound funny, but I'll bet you were in a panic, with the retreat coming up. So are you ordering another bobbin race now, for next time?

merrily row said...

What a hoot! You lost me at "I know what I own and exactly where to find it." I tend to buy three of the same fabric forgetting I already bought it twice. And as for gadgets, no hope. But you did support my belief, not practice, that not everything has to be made into something useful. Mary

Sweet P said...

You have me convinced to never make a bag from coffee bags. I'm sorry to hear you had to tear your room apart to find the bobbin case, but at least you have a new trash bag.

swooze said...

Glad that the machine is back in working order and it just took a cleaning. My machine makes that noise to...hmmm...good term....

Where are the pics of the completed UFOs please?

woof nanny said...

Ooh, I'm fascinated by the coffee bag. I have a purse blog, and an upcoming challenge will be recycling like this. Do you have any tips or do you know of a tutorial on how to make these?


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